Principles of using primers and sunscreens

What do you know about the benefits of using a cosmetic primer? In what fields are these beauty products used? What are the methods of using these products? To deal with the effects of harmful sun rays on the body, we recommend sunscreen products. These products are useful and rich for your skin in various fields.

Primer is a special product that has two important benefits for women: hiding facial imperfections and imperfections, and helping to make cosmetics last longer on the face. Women can use primer at any time, but it is more important in spring and summer than ever. With the arrival of spring days, the use of sunscreen and products with high SPF is becoming more important than before. If you still do not know exactly what these products are for, it is best to keep these three benefits in mind: protecting your skin from UV rays, sun damage, and premature aging. Another important point in the spring is the use of body brushes (something like pulling a leaf). Due to the vastness of the skin, this takes a lot of time, but the benefits of body brushing are so great that it increases its importance many times over. These benefits include softening the skin, strengthening blood circulation, increasing the reproduction of skin cells and helping to treat cellulite. In addition, using standard peeling methods along with body brushing can increase the effectiveness of both.


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