Processed meats are the most carcinogenic foods

It is better to be aware of sausages and sausages and avoid consuming them because the World Health Organization has included them in the list of the most carcinogenic foods and urged people to avoid consuming them.

For years, there has been talk about the carcinogenicity of processed meats such as sausages and sausages, but now the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially included processed meats in the list of the most carcinogenic substances in the world.

In the list of the most carcinogenic substances, processed meats are included in the same category as arsenic and asbestos. In this list, which is called the encyclopedia of carcinogenic substances, red meat is placed after processed meat with a slight difference.

This news can affect red meat related industries and fast food chain restaurants like a shock. Last year, the World Health Organization published such a report on sugar, which resulted in a significant decrease in sugar sales and expected This news is expected to affect red meat related industries.

WHO experts believe that red meat and processed meat increase the risk of cancer; Current guidelines from health experts recommend that adults consume less than 70 grams of red meat per day and avoid processed meat altogether.


November 5, 1394 13:47

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