Processed red meats cause asthma

Today, the use of processed red meats is very popular and many people tend to use these meats. But studies show that eating these meats is not very good for you. In fact, this is the first proof of this. It has been reported that eating processed meat causes asthma.

French scientists have concluded that meals containing processed meats can exacerbate the causes of asthma, although this is the first time such a problem has been identified.

Researchers in a study of 1,000 French citizens concluded that consuming four servings of red meat a week could increase the risk of developing asthma, and interestingly, scientists have so far found no link between asthma and red meat.

Scientists say a preservative called nitrite is added to meat to extend its shelf life and is commonly used extensively in sausages, hot dogs, burgers and nitrite.

Of course, more studies are going to be done in this field and scientists will be more confident. But on the whole, it has been proven that processed meat is associated with asthma, and the more it is consumed, the more likely people are to develop asthma.

Scientists say that instead of people having to worry about eating one type of food, it is better to eat healthy foods and use different foods.

Source: Fars

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