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Product Review: Breville Citrus Press BCP600SIL

Juice in the morning is one of my favourite ways to start the day, especially if it is freshly pressed citrus, like orange juice. You could just go out and buy orange juice from the store, like the almighty Tropicana, but they add flavour packs (not listed in the ingredients) to all of their juices to ensure that each and every one of their juices tastes the same. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that stuff in my body.

Whenever I wanted fresh orange juice I would either have to whip out the juicer (which took so long to squeeze, especially if I just wanted a few oranges), or I would have to use a small lemon juicer that outright didn’t work the best.

I dreamed of owning one of those mechanical citrus presses that looked so easy (and fun) to use. Thankfully, those dreams ended up coming true, and I got my hands on the incredible Citrus Press from Breville (no more manual squeezing!).

Product Details

breville-citrus-press-1The Breville Citrus Press stands 18 inches high (including the handle) and 11 inches wide. It contains a tritan finned juicing cone, and juicing dome that helps maximize juice extraction for all citrus sizes. The juice spout is no-drip and the machine is easy to clean. The cone, filter basket and juice collector can all be lifted off the base simultaneously to prevent drips. All of the parts that need to be cleaned are also dishwasher safe. Minimal effort is required thanks to the active arm handle that presses citrus easily and hassle-free. The motor is ultra-quiet and the juicing parts are 100% BPA-free.




Pros and Cons

We can start with the cons first, since there isn’t really anything I don’t like about this citrus press, other than the fact that it is made out of plastic. However, this makes it much lighter, and easy to move, and it is also BPA-free so there isn’t much to worry about. It is a little difficult to clean the juicing dome to get rid of all the wax build-up from the citrus skins, but that is pretty much unavoidable unless you pick your own citrus from a tree that has no wax.

One of my favourite things about this citrus juicer is the fact that the juicing cone fits all sizes of citrus – from lemons and limes to oranges and grapefruit. The little plastic manual juicer I used to use was only for lemons, and I could never properly squeeze out all the juicer from oranges and grapefruit.

breville-citrus-press-3I also love how fast it is to juice citrus, and how easy clean-up is. It all takes less than 5 minutes to juice 5 oranges, and clean the machine. The juice itself is also completely pulp-free, although I personally like eating some of the pulp that collects in the pulp-collector (plus you can add it into the juice afterward if you prefer pulp-filled juices).

The machine itself was very easy to use, I didn’t even have to read the instruction manual. It stands pretty tall, but if your cupboards don’t sit too low then you should be fine for space.





breville-citrus-press-4Overall, the Breville Citrus Press is an amazing machine. It works with little effort, and extracts all of the juice from citrus fruits without any pulp left over in the fruit itself. What I like about it the most is how simple it is, and how easy it is to clean. The amount saved from juicing your own citrus instead of buying citrus-based juices is enormous, plus it is way healthier. Fresh juices are absorbed better by the body, and they aren’t pasteurized (aka. cooked), so they are much higher in nutrition. I enjoy how fast I can make freshly squeezed citrus, and I use it so often that I can’t imagine my raw-food-making ways without it!





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• Buy it: Breville BCP600SIL Motorized Citrus Press Juicer, Silver

Do any of you own the Citrus Press BCP600SIL? What do you think?

Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own. This particular product review was not sponsored or paid for in any way by the manufacturer. However, the manufacturer did give me the product for testing and review purposes.

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