Prohibition of these foods in summer

Did you know that using potatoes and hamburgers in hot seasons is harmful to our health and you should avoid them if you care about your health?

Considering the conditions of each season for eating can help you live more comfortably. Just as some foods are more useful in the summer season, some foods also do not have a good effect in this season and you should minimize or avoid them completely.

Sweet potatoes are harvested in the fall and may be available for consumption until the spring and should not be left until the summer. The reason is that the thin and sensitive skin of this type of potatoes shortens their life compared to other vegetables. So if you see a sweet potato in the summer, it most likely came from China.

Eating a variety of burgers made from red meat (especially veal) is one of the most enjoyable parts of summer. However, the fact is that these burgers can increase body temperature to a great extent. Experts say that foods that contain high amounts of protein and fat raise the body temperature when digesting them. In addition, these foods move much more slowly through the digestive system, allowing the body to use more energy.

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