Proper advice to prevent pregnancy

What are the important and effective ways to prevent pregnancy and how can we prevent us from getting pregnant? What are the appropriate and effective tools in this field and what are the recommendations of sexual counselors in this regard and their effects on marital relationships?

We are accustomed to not talking under the pretext of following the red lines and breaking taboos, and to be content with the news on the phone; But whether we like it or not, talking about this problem is a necessity of our society today. A society that is said to face many challenges in this area; Talk about sex and trying to improve this part of life. Now, in one of the latest studies, scientists have a new proposal to increase satisfaction with this relationship.

The use of contraceptive methods has a great effect on improving the sexual life of couples. According to Johns Hopkins University researchers studying the lives of 210,000 women in 47 countries, 90% of women who use one method of prevention not only have more sex with their husbands, but also more satisfaction with it. Have a relationship. In contrast, 72% of women who do not care about the use of contraceptives are relatively satisfied with this part of their lives.

Talking about contraceptives means using various tools that prevent unwanted pregnancies; Pills, condoms, IUDs and a few others are some of the methods used for this purpose. Methods that, on the one hand, increase women’s desire for sex and, on the other hand, lead to greater satisfaction on both sides. Based on these findings, scientists advise women who do not believe in the use of contraceptive methods. Make a difference in this part of life by increasing information and counseling. Therefore, if you want to improve the quality of your sex with your spouse and then the overall quality of your relationship with your spouse, do not forget to use contraception.


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