Proper nutrition is one of the most important points to get a score of 20

Nutritionists have conducted new studies to conclude that in order to strengthen students’ memory and to be more successful in exams, it is necessary to take care of their nutrition. If your children have a proper diet, they will avoid stress and anxiety. Be with Dr. Salam.

According to Farhang News, this statement is the result of studies by nutritionists who believe that with proper nutrition from childhood and during student periods, especially exams, you can both strengthen your memory and reduce your stress and anxiety, and more importantly with Get a fit body to the university.

These days, we are in the season of student exams and also in the months close to the national entrance exam. For this reason, the functioning of the brain system and the strengthening of memory on the one hand and the reduction of anxiety on the other hand are doubly important. However, we still do not have the correct information about the effects of proper or incorrect diet on the functioning of the brain system and the recommended pattern for students, especially during exams. With these interpretations, it is recommended that you read this report.

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day

As with all days of the year, eating breakfast has a significant effect on memory and learning, as Dr. Mohammad Hashemi, secretary of the Obesity Prevention Association, says. It runs throughout the day and improves the efficiency of the memory system. Also, the presence of protein in this meal, such as milk and cheese, can increase a person’s learning.

According to a member of the Iranian Scientific Society of Endocrinologists, consuming nuts (such as walnut kernels) and juice at breakfast can also be effective in this regard. In general, every person should have proper nutrition at all times so that there is no need to change their eating habits at certain times.

Dr. Morteza Safavi, Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition and Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Nutrition, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and CEO of Isfahan Health Town also says in this regard: Heavy and high-fat foods cause a feeling of heaviness and drowsiness in people. Nutritious breakfast and low volume like milk Honey and eggs, which are complete protein, can also be helpful. Eating fewer carbohydrates and increasing protein intake at breakfast helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and prevent fluctuations.

Do not overeat

“You need to eat more to stay focused.” This is a common misconception in the minds of most mining families. While learning does not require more calories.

Dr. Hashemi adds: “Eating heavy and high-fat foods can cause digestive disorders and indigestion in a person, and the occurrence of this problem not only increases but also reduces concentration.”

Eat less sweets and chocolate

Avoiding the use of simple sugars such as sugar, sugar, jams, soft drinks, chocolate and تأثیر also has an effect on maintaining calm and concentration. According to the secretary of the Association for the Prevention of Obesity, the consumption of such substances causes a sudden rise in blood sugar, which with the subsequent rise in insulin levels will lead to hypoglycemia, fatigue, boredom and headaches, which for students during exams as well as Concours candidates are not recommended to consume them, and instead fiber-rich substances such as dates are recommended as a good source of blood sugar.

Dr. Safavi also emphasizes: Consumption of sweet foods due to fluctuations in blood sugar reduces concentration and learning in people.

Only sitting and studying is forbidden!

According to Dr. Hashemi, inactivity during exams can cause digestive problems, including constipation. The existence of these problems can create a new mental concern for the person and distract him and thus affect the learning of these people. For this reason, my strong advice to students and miners to prevent such problems these days is to include walking in their daily routine, and in addition, drink an appropriate amount of five to eight glasses of water daily, and fruit and Use fiber-rich vegetables throughout the day.

Do not keep yourself awake with coffee

One of the methods that most students and individuals use during exams to increase their level of consciousness is to consume coffee and caffeinated substances.

According to Dr. Hashemi, although consuming these substances in the short term increases the level of consciousness and reduces drowsiness, but continuous and long-term consumption of caffeine has the opposite effect, that is, after a while, not only does not reduce anxiety and stress, but also causes Increases irritability and gradually decreases the level of concentration.

Diet Reduction Exam Stress Night

Eating light meals, which provide the right amount of energy, is good for reducing stress and creating peace of mind. The CEO of Isfahan Health Town believes that consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is also useful for supplying vitamin C, the level of which fluctuates in stress. Omega-3 fortified foods such as fish and flaxseed can also be used to improve memory. B vitamins also have beneficial effects in this regard. Dairy consumption is also beneficial in reducing stress in children and individuals during exams.

The night before the exam…

It is important to avoid eating bulky and high-fat foods on exam nights. It is also best to have lunch two hours before the exam. Dinner should also be small, light and early.

“Late dinner causes more blood to flow to the gastrointestinal tract, so it makes you feel tired and drowsy,” says the secretary of the Association for the Prevention of Obesity.

Dinner should be eaten early. Dinner should also be light, as large amounts of food can make people feel tired and drowsy.

Do not rely on supplements

A very common and at the same time wrong method that has become common among people is the use of supplements. Most of these supplements not only do not benefit people, but in some cases the preservatives used in these substances can have direct and indirect side effects. Have the process of learning and focusing people.

Of course, if people have deficiencies, they can take supplements, but arbitrary supplementation should be avoided. In fact, the need for supplements should be recognized by nutritionists; Therefore, it is possible to help correct nutritional deficiencies by consuming foods properly and having a proper diet pattern.

Anemia reduces your concentration

One of the factors that cause fatigue and lack of concentration is anemia, which is recommended to consume foods containing iron such as meat, legumes, nuts and nuts to prevent this complication.

Drink milk before going to bed

In order for a person to enjoy more concentration, vitality and energy on the day of the exam, it is necessary to get enough sleep the night before the exam. To have a good night’s sleep with peace of mind, it is better to drink a glass of milk before going to bed, because drinking milk will provide a significant amount of peace of mind. It is basically recommended to include milk and dairy products in people’s daily routine; Because these substances have a favorable effect on the function of nerve cells due to their calcium content, in a way that causes relaxation in people, and it is clear that the presence of relaxation has a great effect on increasing the power of concentration. In addition, some foods are effective in reducing anxiety, including eggs, fish, nuts, legumes, soy and its derivatives, and it is appropriate to include appropriate amounts of them in the daily diet.

Source: Farhang News

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