Proper nutrition to prevent winter depression

To Prevention of winter depression You can get help from oral methods. Increase vitality and happiness by using Foods containing selenium and iron It is possible. Follow the effective oral tips in this regard.

Nutritionist in the field of proper nutrition to prevent Depression In Winter He made some interesting remarks.

Reduce some of the earth’s mineralsه Depression It also causes fear and increased fatigue in the body to deplete the body of reserves of this micronutrient. Meets the body’s needs through supplementation or food sources containing selenium, which eliminates the deficiency of this mineral, causes freshness and elimination Depression will be.

Nutrition to prevent winter depression

also Selenium Due to its anti-corrosion or antioxidant properties, it destroys free and invasive radicals and prevents cell carcinoma. Like other antioxidants, it has beneficial effects on brain and nervous system function and often occurs. Premature Alzheimer’s Prevents.

The best food source of selenium is Brazilian hazelnuts, which have more than 150 times the mineral selenium, but Seafood, oysters, fish, whole grains, chicken and poultry liver هم جزو Oral sources of selenium Are considered.

Arbitrary use of selenium supplements should be avoided, as high intake of it through supplements and foods causes a lot of poisoning, but the use of its food sources, especially the abundant fish that are rich in selenium, Omega-3 fatty acids And animal proteins with many biological properties and dozens of useful compounds, without any harm to health, will increase your vitality and happiness.

Nutrition to prevent winter depression

Iron Minerals are important for the body and have many effects on the body. Anemia and low iron levels are two similar conditions. The difference between these two complications is briefly stated below.

Anemia means the red blood cells are depleted of iron and the hemoglobin concentration is low. In this condition, the volume of red blood cells becomes less than normal and becomes paler and brighter red. These blood cells do not have the ability to transfer the oxygen needed from the lungs to the cells of the body’s tissues, and because of this event, in patients with Anemia, the release of energy in the cells of the body occurs slowly and this has a negative effect on the function and ability of the cells of the body.

Dealing with seasonal depression

If you feel you are experiencing any of the symptoms of this disease, consult a specialist and get the necessary tests. If it turns out that you go to depression If you have an illness, you can get help from the following and do something to prevent it from happening again:

Try to spend as much time outside as possible during the day. Even if the weather is cloudy, go outside; Because sunlight still shines in the sky and you can enjoy its benefits.

Follow a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals. This will give you a lot of energy and reduce your need for sugary and starchy foods.

Nutrition to prevent winter depression

Try to exercise for half an hour 3 days a week.

– If necessary, get help from consultants in the cold seasons of the year.

– Participate in social groups and do not cut ties with others. In winter, these things will help you a lot.

– In winter, the most useful source of vitamin D is through dairy products rich in this vitamin. We hope that the day will come when dairy products will be widely enriched in our country Milk and yogurt enriched with this vitamin Easily accessible to the public. In some countries, such as Canada, milk is fortified to counteract the deficiency of this vitamin.

– In addition to consuming fortified dairy products, you can eat Salmon, eggs, mushrooms, caviar and fish fillets Increase the absorption of this vitamin.

– when Depression Overcoming you makes it difficult to protect your health. However, you should always take care of your mental and physical health. To reduce stress that enhancer Depression Turn to exercises like yoga or meditation.

– Eat Vitamin B complex It is useful for reducing stress. This vitamin creates neurotransmitters in the brain and acts as a food-energy converter. This vitamin is easily found in animal foods.

Remember if you are taking antacids or if you do not have a healthy diet for sure Vitamin B You will not receive enough.

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