Proper training to wash and dry hair

Many of us do not know how to properly wash our hair. Many people have a misconception about combing hair. We have heard this misconception a lot, so in this section of Dr. Salam medical magazine, we decided to teach you how to wash and dry your hair.

The topics you discuss that many people may not know are: combing hair, shampooing hair, using conditioners and conditioners properly, drying hair. We will explain each one to you, the visitor of Dr. Salam website.

How and when to comb hair

First, comb your hair carefully before taking a bath and getting it wet, because wet hair is very sensitive and vulnerable. Combing dry hair greatly reduces the possibility of damaging it, because in this case tangled hair is much easier to untangle, while combing hair when wet causes a lot of damage. High heat is also harmful for hair, even though hot water does not damage hair like a hair dryer or direct sunlight, but it has its own disadvantages. To prevent any serious damage, wash your hair with warm and somewhat lukewarm water. There is nothing more pleasant and pleasant than a shower with hot water, but only if your hair is not in direct contact with it.

Shampooing the hair

Know your hair type before shampooing. For example, if your scalp is oily but your hair is dry, avoid shampooing your hair directly and instead first make a lot of foam and apply the shampoo only to the oily part of the skin and then wash it with water. When washing with water, the shampoo moves along the hair and downwards, and this amount is enough to remove any dirt from them.

Correct use of softeners and conditioners

Apply conditioners to the roots of the hair first and then move towards the ends. Pay attention to the ends of the hair (which are more vulnerable than the rest of the hair) and apply more conditioner. Then gently massage the hair with conditioners and conditioners.

If you have an oily scalp, apply a small amount of conditioner on the scalp. After massaging, wait for one to three minutes and then wash with water. If you want your hair to look shinier than ever, wash it with cold water, because cold water keeps the hair cuticles (the outer layer of the hair) completely smooth and soft. As a result, the hair looks brighter.

If you use conditioners and conditioners that are written on the label, you should comb your hair while using them to spread the product better, make sure to start combing from the ends of the hair. Wet hair stretches quickly, so it gets tangled and damaged sooner. Brushes damage hair even under normal conditions, so it is recommended that under no circumstances should you use a brush to comb wet hair.

Hair drying

Well, whatever the turn is, it’s the turn to dry the hair. Some people with long hair have a habit of combing their hair after washing it to dry it faster. We have to tell this group of friends that hair is not clothes that need to be washed and if they know what harm they are doing to their hair, they will never do it again. Combing the hair causes them to stretch too much, weaken and so-called break them. Instead of doing this, it is recommended to hold the hair with your fingers (from the hair root side) and shake it slowly, and in the same position, move your hand towards the ends of the hair so that the water is removed from the hair.

Do not use the towel to massage the hair vigorously and to dry it, because this will cause the hair to tangle and even pull it out. Instead, wrap the towel around the head and gently press the hair, this will dry the hair faster.

As mentioned before, heat causes a lot of damage to hair, so using a hair dryer to dry hair is not recommended at all. But if you still want to use a hair dryer, at least try not to overdo it and don’t hold it too close to your hair. It doesn’t matter what method you use to dry your hair and how careful you are in using the hair dryer, in any case, the hair dryer and the resulting heat will damage the hair.

Do not over wash your hair

You don’t need to wash your hair every day, washing your hair too much with shampoo will remove the oils that are good for hair health. Sometimes, just washing the hair with plain water or softeners and conditioners is enough. You can also dissolve a small amount of shampoo in a small bottle of warm water and then gently apply it to your scalp.

Learn more about shampoo

Washing hair with shampoo has become popular since the beginning of the 20th century, due to the increase in air pollution due to the expansion of factories and other industries.

For centuries, hair washing was done only when necessary and was not included in the daily, weekly or even yearly schedule of humans. Even in the Middle Ages, washing your hair with water was considered a bad thing and harmful to health. Therefore, sitting the hair with water and shampoo for one or two days is not only okay compared to the standards of the past centuries, but it is considered a kind of obsession.

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