Properties and benefits of kefir from a scientific point of view

Kefir, kefir mushrooms, kefir drink, kefir yogurt! These are the types of names that are often heard in various derivatives of a beneficial fungal bacterium. But in addition to what has been said and heard, is there any scientific research on its benefits? In this article with the results of some of these researches About kefir You get to know each other all over the world.

To collect scientific information about kefir, along with scientific sources and research results published in the US National Library of Medicine at and the National Biotechnology Information Center at and for further investigation, contact the research department And we have also gone to the development of Solico-Calais Food Industries Group, which has recently launched the product “Kefir Nari” with the slogan of strengthening the immune system.

The research and development department of the company, which consists of 20 experts, has been researching probiotics, its types of bacteria, including kefir, and its effects on human health for many years. It is worth mentioning that another probiotic product of Kaleh brand called “Lactivia” has been formulated in the same section, which today has become one of the best-selling products in the dairy market of Iran and other countries in the region.

What is kefir and how did it become a popular drink and yogurt?

Kefir is a fungus that is generally found to be a bacterium that was accidentally discovered thousands of years ago by shepherds in the Caucasus Mountains and, in combination with milk, became a special and healthy drink. This drink, which is often confused with buttermilk, is the result of fermentation and the interaction of kefir bacteria with milk, the effect of which is seen in its highly volatile gas.

From a scientific point of view, kefir is a probiotic grain that is a source of B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin K, which in combination with dairy products such as milk and yogurt, beverages and yogurt make kefir.

Kefir in terms of nutritional value

One serving of 175 ml of low-fat kefir contains the following ingredients:

– Protein: 4 grams

– Calcium: 10% of daily requirement

Phosphorus: 15% of daily requirement

– Vitamin B12: 12% of daily requirement

Riboflavin (vitamin B2): 10% of daily requirement

– Magnesium: 3% of daily requirement

Vitamin D: Significantly

What scientific evidence is there to strengthen the immune system for kefir?

In a study published in 2013 in the archives of the National Library of Medicine, the effect of daily consumption of 200 ml of kefir kefir on the immune system over a period of six weeks was studied on 18 people and of them daily and fasting sample Blood was taken. This study showed a statistically significant decrease in “interleukin 8” or IL-8. Interleukin-5 or IL-5 levels showed a significant initial increase in the first week of use; But in the ninth week this level decreased. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α) levels also increased with kefir consumption.

Other levels of cytokines (IL-1 and TGF-β) did not change significantly with kefir. All of this means that kefir may help control the body’s allergic reaction and improve intestinal wall immunity.

Does kefir strengthen bones?

As mentioned above, kefir is a good source of calcium. Taiwanese researchers conducted double-blind studies over 6 months to compare the effects of fermented milk kefir with 1500 mg bicarbonate with calcium bicarbonate (without kefir) on the bone metabolism of 40 patients with osteoporosis.

Participants in this study underwent extensive assessments during these 6 months, such as assessing bone mineral density. Participants who consumed fermented kefir milk had a significant increase in their pelvic mineral density during these 6 months.

Scientific benefits of kefir in the fight against cancer

In 2015, our country’s researchers published a meta-analysis of the effect of kefir on cancer. They first identified 2,028 related articles, of which 11 were eligible for this analysis, including 7 laboratory papers and 4 experimental experiments. These studies examined a variety of cases; But all of them considered the anti-cancer effects of kefir significant.

Does kefir improve the symptoms of lactose intolerance?

Researchers at Ohio State University studied the effect of kefir on lactose digestion and its tolerance in adults with lactose intolerance in 15 patients. Participants were tested with lactose-containing kefir, plain kefir and raspberry-flavored kefir, as well as plain yogurt and raspberry-flavored yogurt. Both yogurt and kefir reduced bloating by 54% and 71% compared to milk.

Is kefir effective in better digestion and fight against irritable bowel syndrome?

In general, kefir is a type of probiotic. Probiotics are living microorganisms that have health benefits and strengthen the immune system. There are many studies on the effect of kefir on the health of the body’s digestive system.

In a 4-week study, Turkish researchers found that consumption of kefir in 20 patients with constipation significantly increased stool frequency, stool concentration, and decreased laxative use in these patients.

The researchers concluded: “This experimental study shows that kefir has positive effects on the symptoms of constipation. Our results also show that kefir improves intestinal health and accelerates the passage of the large intestine. “Controlled tests are necessary to confirm these findings.”

Does kefir help cure allergies?

A study in Korea showed that kefir in kefir increases blood pressure in the airways and releases air cells in infected mice.

In another study in Taiwan, kefir reduced cellular and immunological responses in animals tested.

Is kefir safe?

Brazilian and Cuban researchers tested the health of ordinary water, natural-dose kefir, and kefir 5 times higher than normal kefir on 18 rats. They found that all doses of kefir were safe for growth, hematology, blood chemistry, and histological results.

An experiment on 72 mice over 28 weeks examined the safety of different doses of one of the kefir bacteria from which it was isolated. The researchers found that the bacteria were harmless and did not affect the work of the blood or tissues of the body.

Experiments show that kefir is not only safe; It will also have a great effect on strengthening the immune system. It is true that some experiments have been performed on non-human laboratory samples; But the high sales of this category of products in other countries is a seal of approval on its therapeutic properties.

Kefir has high sales and medicinal use in European countries due to its healing properties and strengthening of its immune system.

Kafir Nari

Due to the need to strengthen the body’s immune system, Kaleh Company has introduced Nari kefir. Nari kefir is offered in two products, kefir drink and kefir yogurt, both of which have the healing properties of kefir.

The kefir used in Nari kefir is produced by a completely natural process and even the carbonated drink is natural and does not use chemical additives. Kaleh supplies the kefir bacteria it needs from the best factories in the world. The use of high quality bacteria and above the standard level (according to the standards of the Food and Drug Administration and international standards), causes that kefir has high health properties and strengthens the immune system.


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