Properties of celery for children and when to start consuming it

Get acquainted with some of the therapeutic benefits of celery. This herb has many benefits for your health and can cure some of your problems to increase breast milk, eliminate bloating, strengthen muscles and eliminate kidney stones and duct stones. Urine You can use celery.

Celery contains a high percentage of fiber, so it is a very good laxative. Consumption of celery leaves and stems is appropriate when the child has constipation.
✳️Celery is anti-flatulence.
می Lowers fever.
✳️Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid in it along with magnesium and calcium have a positive effect on strengthening muscles and have amazing effects on inner relaxation.
بسیار Another very effective role of this plant is its effect on weight loss to the extent that people who have used a glass of celery extract with sour lemon in the form of daily or every other day when using weight loss diets one to two kilograms Weight loss in addition to normal.
Boiling this plant cures hoarseness and is useful for frostbite. This plant contains phosphorus and is effective in strengthening memory and increasing intelligence.
افزایشThe enhancing role of breast milk is mentioned by this plant.
.It is highly recommended especially for people with cardiovascular disease and high blood fats. This plant prevents atherosclerosis.

This plant has been named by one of the ten foods that can fight cancer by American researchers due to its high content of antioxidants. It is also highly recommended for people with kidney stones and urinary tract stones.

The allowed time of use is from seven months in children.

Celery consumption methods:

✔️Add to baby soup.
پایان From the end of eight months, give the baby steamed or boiled finger food.

Prepared and edited by: Sanaz Motalebi Khameneh, nutritionist and dietitian

Source: Dr. Salam

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