Properties of having sex

What benefits can sex have for both parties and what do you know about the benefits and properties of having sex.

Marital relationship not only gives the couple a good feeling, but it is also beneficial for their health. In the following, you will find out what a healthy marital relationship will do for you.

• It helps the activity of the immune system
Sexual health experts believe that people who are more sexually active are less likely to get sick. The bodies of married couples are more resistant to viruses, microbes and other pathogens. Researchers have noticed that the level of a specific antibody in the body of couples who have sex 1 or 2 times a week is higher than couples who have less sex.

• Reduces blood pressure
Researchers believe that there is a direct relationship between having a marital relationship and reducing blood pressure. Many researches have been conducted in this field and it has been determined that marital relationship in particular (and not masturbation) causes a reduction in systolic blood pressure.

• Sexual desire is strengthened

Do you want to have a lively sex life? Each time you experience a marital relationship, it will improve and your desire for this relationship will increase. Marital intercourse in women leads to a decrease in dryness, increased blood circulation and elasticity of the vagina, all of which make the marital relationship more enjoyable.

• Strengthens bladder control in women
A good relationship is like an exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. When a woman experiences an orgasm, these muscles will contract and their strength will increase.

• It is considered a sport
Experts believe that marital relationship can be a very good sport; Of course, it does not take the place of running on a treadmill, but it is comparable to this sport to some extent. A couple burns 50 kilocalories of energy in one minute of intercourse, which is more than the amount of calories spent while watching TV. In this regard, the person’s heart rate increases and many muscles are active. So it is good to ignore this relationship less and with the help of your wife even arrange a regular schedule for it. Continuity of marital relationship just like exercising increases its benefits.

• Improves sleep quality
Usually, after having a marital relationship and experiencing the peak of pleasure from this relationship, couples relax and fall asleep very quickly, which has a completely scientific reason; After experiencing orgasm, the prolactin hormone is released in the body and this hormone is responsible for the feeling of relaxation and sleepiness after intercourse.

• Reduces the possibility of heart attack
A healthy sex life is also good for the heart. In addition to increasing the heart rate, intercourse helps balance the levels of estrogen (female) and testosterone (male) hormones in your body. Even when the level of one of these two hormones is low, your health will face many problems; From osteoporosis to even heart diseases. If you try to make your marriage more regular, you will feel better. The results of researchers’ studies have determined that the probability of death due to a heart attack in men who have marital relations with their wives at least twice a week is much lower than men who rarely experience marital relations.

• Reduces pain
Before you take an aspirin, try to orgasm! Experts in the field of sexual relations believe that orgasm can eliminate pain because at the same time as reaching the peak of pleasure in a marital relationship, a hormone is released that increases the pain tolerance threshold. Of course, stimulation without experiencing orgasm can do the same trick to your pain. Researchers have found that vaginal stimulation can eliminate chronic back pain, leg pain, arthritic pain, and even some headaches.

• It reduces the probability of prostate cancer
Follow your feelings to get rid of prostate cancer! Prostate cancer is much less likely to occur in men who regularly have intercourse with their wives and experience ejaculation at least 21 times a month. Of course, it is not clear in this research that marital relationship is the only effective factor in the occurrence of prostate cancer, and certainly many factors increase the risk of cancer occurrence, but regular marital relationship will not harm.

• Reduces stress
Being close to your spouse can calm your stress and anxiety. Touching and cuddling trigger the natural release of “feel good hormones.” Sexual arousal increases the brain’s pleasure and body’s reward system by releasing chemicals in the brain. Remember that the closeness and intimacy of a couple can also strengthen self-confidence and sense of happiness.

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