Protect your skin with sunflower oil

Sunflower oil A natural, healthy way to heal Skin and maintaining its health. Its moisturizing, softening and soothing properties have been known for years.

Sunflower oil It is used for medicinal, cosmetic and health purposes, and if you suffer from eczema, do it If you suffer from inflammation and general redness and irritation of your skin, using this oil can be a good option. Sunflower oil, An excellent product for protection Skin Babies are very sensitive. This oil has a bright color and a fragrant smell and is relatively light in weight.

In food, you can use sunflower oil instead of other edible oils that have high saturated fat and low healthy linoleic acid. The most important feature of sunflower oil is its high vitamin E content. Compared to other oils such as almond oil that are usually found in care products Skin are used, Sunflower oil It has higher vitamin E.

Vitamin E prevents the damage of the sun’s ultraviolet rays to very sensitive cells Skin becomes In addition, research has shown that vitamin E prevents the formation of scars, eliminates wrinkles and generally improves the appearance of the skin. Skin improves and restores health to it.

Sunflower oil In addition to vitamin E, it also contains vitamins A, C and D, all of which have many protective properties. Based on research, this oil is used to protect the skin of premature babies, whose skin is more susceptible to infections Skin And it is a disease, it is useful. Sunflower oil It is also great for acne.

Using a mild cleanser and applying sunflower oilDo not apply directly on sensitive skin acne Can remove bacteria from the pores Skin Clean and add moisture to them.

The best way to use Sunflower oilFind a cleansing or moisturizing product that contains this oil. In addition, you can from Sunflower oil Directly as a softener and cleanser for Skin Use it yourself.

When you intend to from Sunflower oil Use as a cleanser, it is better to combine it with castor oil or other healthy and nutritious oils. This makes it soft Skin and it will clean the dead cells and other impurities. When you use this combination, you won’t need any moisturizer because these oils; itself, containing fatty acids and vitamins necessary for moisturizing Skin are.

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25 December 1392 08:08

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