Proximity early in childbearing

We should not have sex for a few days after giving birth and what are its limitations; there are different beliefs and opinions in this field. Join us.

You will be surprised to learn that restrictions on resuming and resuming postpartum sex have been largely in the public interest. No scientific research has been done in this area to recommend a certain break time. It is up to the woman herself to resume this whenever she sees herself capable of doing so after giving birth.

But experience has shown that it takes about six weeks for the uterus to return to its normal size after vaginal delivery. For this reason, it has long been advisable to wait at least six weeks.

But what is actually seen from experience is that some women, both emotionally and physically, prepare much sooner to resume sex. This is completely different for every woman. It’s up to you when you get ready to have sex again. So if you had a completely normal delivery and your bleeding is no longer red and pink, I think you will be able to have sex after two weeks.

But remember to use one of the contraceptives to prevent re-pregnancy.

If you have a foul-smelling discharge and bleeding, you still have to wait and not be ready to have sex again.

It should be noted that in some women, this time takes more than six weeks for them to regain the ability and readiness to have sex after childbirth.

An article in Family Practice magazine in 1998 entitled “Sex during and one year after pregnancy” reported that there was no agreement on the extent of postpartum sexual intercourse. . The article wrote that after 5 to 7 weeks after delivery, only 50% of women were able to resume sex. There are many reasons for delaying vaginal sex. The most important of these factors are pain due to episiotomy, bleeding and vaginal discharge, fatigue and discomfort due to vaginal lubrication due to estrogen deficiency.

Women who have had difficult and abnormal births usually do not and should not show interest in resuming sex before 8 to 12 weeks. And women who have had an episiotomy are not ready to have sex again, even months after giving birth.


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