Psychoanalysis and Psychology of Emotional Divorce

Did you know that emotional divorce can also be treated with couple psychology!

Nasrin Shahbazi said on Saturday: “Unfortunately, emotional divorce has become common among couples in recent years, one of the most important symptoms of which is lovelessness, feeling of alienation and living out of habit by both parties.”
He added: “Emotional divorce is said to be the coldness of couples ‘relationship, which gradually leads to the weakness of couples’ emotions and spreads by entering other areas of cohabitation in their spiritual, physical and verbal relationships.”
Shahbazi emphasized: “Emotional divorce has caused couples to have red lines in their relationships, and despite living under one roof, they do not have an intimate understanding of each other’s speech and behavior, and by not knowing each other’s wishes, their relationship can lead to coldness.” .
The master of clinical psychology, stating that the exact statistics of emotional divorce because there is no official reference in this field, said: “On the one hand, the statistics of emotional divorces are more than registered, and on the other hand, the root of all registered divorces is emotional divorce.” Takes.
He declared the removal of attraction and trust from couples as the first step in entering into an emotional divorce and added: “Although emotional divorce may be one-sided at first, but over time it becomes two-sided and eventually the couple’s life will be cold and aimless.” شد.
Shahbazi Unfavorable moral characteristics in couples, both one-sided and two-sided, late marriage, violence, unnecessary interference from others, unemployment and job loss, endangering economic status, weakness in verbal and non-verbal communication skills, Resistance to expressing feelings and ignoring each other’s opinions was one of the most important reasons for emotional divorce between couples.
He considered couple therapy as the best way to deal with emotional divorce and reminded: in this way, in joint meetings between husband and wife in order to improve their relationship with the cooperation of counselors and experts, efforts are made to reconcile their problems, which increases couples’ knowledge. Becomes from each other.
Referring to the activities of 14 public and private public counseling centers and one welfare counseling voice center in the province, he said: “These centers have a significant impact on reducing marital disputes by providing pre-marriage, during-marriage and post-marriage counseling.”
The expert in charge of Ilam Welfare Counseling Centers announced public awareness through the media, increasing pre-marital knowledge, lack of ambition and fantasies in marriage, resolving disputes, increasing flexibility and realism as the most important ways to reduce emotional divorce between couples. .
He pointed out: If the emotional divorce between couples is not resolved, it will affect the children and threaten the health of families and, consequently, the health of society in the future.


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