Psychological effects of not satisfying a woman sexually

In this section of Dr. Salam’s medical journal, we introduce you to the complications that threaten women and women psychologically from lack of sexual satisfaction. Our goal is for you to become more aware of sexual issues so that you can be happier in your married life and enjoy life together.

According to the latest statistics, forty percent of divorces are due to lack of sexual satisfaction. Most married men and women do not understand enough pleasure from their sexual relations. This issue is extremely true for women, so two-way exploitation is necessary. Sexual intercourse is not just intercourse and insertion and removal. The sexual pleasure of touch and physical satisfaction is included in the category of sexual desires, but feelings, dreams and fantasy are also in the same category. For many people, sexual intercourse with a person has spiritual dimensions as well.

When you have sex with your partner, you are sharing one of the greatest pleasures there is. Of course, one of the conditions for this is that both parties participate and have the right to choose when and how to have sex. Sexual intercourse is harmony between humans and for this reason it can be exciting and difficult at the same time. An action that is pleasant and satisfying for one person may not be so for another.

Pleasure cannot be measured and conditions and requirements can have a destructive effect on sexual desire. Trying to establish absolute justice in the field of sexual affairs, that is, that Maher two should always have the same pleasure, is not a good idea. But it is clear that both parties should benefit from sexual intercourse. If only one side is always satisfied, the case is lame. The reason for this may be that the relationship between the two is not good in general or one of the parties is not good. But the reason may be very simple and depends on the wrong technique. In many cases, there is a simple solution to this problem, and that is communication with each other. It is not necessary that this communication be verbal. But you have to somehow show the other person what you find pleasurable and how you want to be touched and caressed. Many women are afraid to make many demands and seem difficult to satisfy. But if a person remains silent and is satisfied, he has made a friendship with himself and his opposite party. If you want to make love in a certain way or you need a certain type of sexual motivation to orgasm, you should express or show it yourself. There is a possibility that your opposite party will also tell you about his intentions.

A positive effect of communication in sexual intercourse is that it is easier to talk about contraceptives and protection against infectious diseases. Silence easily leads to misunderstandings, and men and women will sleep together without talking to each other about protection issues. The man may have assumed that the woman is taking birth control pills and he does not know, and the woman may not want the man to use a condom.

With a little clear communication, unnecessary risks can be avoided and future worries can be avoided. There are many assumptions about women and men about their sexuality. First of all, relying on biology and nature, it has been stated that the sexual desires of men and women are different. Prejudices and simplicities are often rooted in fear and the desire to control. Man wants to control sexual desires because these desires are powerful and have a transformative force, and because men have dominated society for a long time, women’s sexual desires have been under strict control and prejudices have been created for this. Today, more and more people are questioning old assumptions about gender and sexuality, and this is a positive thing.

In the continuation of the sex section of Dr. Salam medical magazine, we discuss some common prejudices about women and sexual issues. Maybe you agree that this content is simplistic and prejudiced, and maybe you don’t agree.

18 October 1391 15:28

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