Questions and answers about young couples having sex

There are always questions for young couples in sex, but unfortunately some of them do not ask these questions to anyone for various reasons, and this issue causes problems in their relationship. In this article, we are responding to the anxieties of some young couples. Be with us.

question: Dear Doctor, I have recently gotten married and lost my virginity. And it was not at all what everyone described to me. First, it was not as painful as I thought. I must even say that in many parts of it I was not in pain at all. Secondly, there was no blood at all. This was very strange to me. Third, I was always told I would enjoy it. But it was not like that at all and I did not have any pleasure. I’m worried that this lack of enjoyment will be a permanent issue and as a result will cause problems in my relationship. My friends say it ‘s because I do not really love my husband. That’s right, but I can not believe that this is the reason why I do not enjoy. Please tell me if these are normal and how I can fix everything.

Response: We hope that some of our readers who are still virgins will read your letter and learn from it.

Unfortunately, you have been deceived by three misconceptions about virginity. These beliefs are very common among adolescents and cause them a lot of harm. Let’s look at these topics one by one:

1. Loss of virginity is always very painful. This is not true at all. Research has shown that in many cases, the person has not experienced any pain. Some girls feel pain, but if you are completely relaxed, the pain will be less.

2. Loss of virginity is associated with heavy bleeding. Again, this belief is wrong. Many women have very little bleeding from a ruptured hymen; But many girls do not bleed at all. Only in very rare cases is this bleeding severe.

3. Losing your virginity is both fun and scary. This is not true at all. Research shows that it is frustrating for many young women. They are not very happy and wonder what all the fuss about sex was about.

You have no problem. And there is no need to fix anything. You are perfectly normal.

As we said before, most young women do not enjoy sex at the beginning. It usually takes several years for them to learn to enjoy it.

In addition, there are few women who experience orgasm when they lose their virginity.

I hope you are confident with the information we have provided and pass it on to your friends.

Two final points. First, you seem to be married to someone you have no interest in. This is not good at all.

Second, I hope the next time you want to have a relationship, consider safety considerations. Be careful not to put yourself at risk for pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, or cervical cancer caused by a virus that is transmitted through unprotected sex.


question: What is the best way to treat a fungal infection?

Response: Generally, you can use vaginal creams and pills for about a week that contain a drug called clotrimazole. If possible, your spouse should also use these creams.


question: I am 18 years old and there are white spots around the head of my penis. Are these spots serious? I have never had sex.

Response: We recommend that you see a doctor to examine you, but these spots are probably just milia. You can search this word on the internet if you like. Many young people have melia, which are tiny white bumps caused by closed pores. These spots are usually harmless and do not require treatment.


question: I have terrible premenstrual symptoms. Can hormone therapy be helpful?

Response: it is possible. Many treatments for premenstrual symptoms have been tried over the years, but few are effective. However, a good prescription hormone therapy can reduce these symptoms and regulate your menstrual cycle.

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