Radio waves suitable for skin rejuvenation

Some radio waves can help you in rejuvenating and removing pimples and acne of your skin. These radio waves can help increase the collagen production of your skin. It will be impossible to remove deep skin wrinkles using this method. More details about Araf are given below. We will give fractional.

Fractional ARF is radio frequency waves that enter the body. In the head part of this device, there are 49 tiny needles that enter the waves deep into the skin, and these waves are able to produce collagen under the skin. Of course, the symptoms do not appear immediately after the start of the treatment, and after one to two months, the desired effects become apparent. This method has both the role of rejuvenation and prevention. Of course, women who do not have deep wrinkles on their faces can use this effective method. Usually, there is redness and inflammation for a few hours after work, which disappears after an hour and a half. Its effect remains for one and a half to two years and it is a very new technology that has brought good results.

For what age is Araf Fractional better and can it be more effective?

Usually, it is done for 20 years and above, of course, we have done this for 70-year-olds as well, but because collagen production is low at this age, it may not bring good results. Also, smokers get less results because smoking has a great effect on collagen. This method has worked very well on oily and acne-prone skin, because it reduces the fat on the skin and improves acne scars.; That is, in addition to rejuvenation, it is also effective on pimples and acne.

What signs should we expect after each session?

The skin becomes smoother, clearer and more stretched.

Are there any limits to performing fractional araf?

It usually does not have many restrictions, but it is not recommended for very old people who have very deep wrinkles.

What points should be observed to be more effective?

Skin care should always be implemented, sunscreen, specific masks that it needs every day, eye cream, night cream, good rest, enough sleep and plenty of water all play a role in this. A person who is stressed and does not have enough rest and sleep, his skin will deteriorate sooner.

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