Rajab Golden Tutorials and Golden Tips for Hair Extensions

Your hair has a great impact on your beauty. One of the ways that can make your hair beautiful and full is to extend it. There are different ways to style and trim hair, but first of all it is necessary to have hair! Extensions are a great way to enhance your lifestyle so have fun and treat yourself. Stay tuned to Dr. Salam.

Hair extension means adding hair that can be natural or artificial hair

Many women like their hair to look fuller, longer, have a certain color on the side, such as highlight or mesh, and that is why they turn to hair extensions.

Hair extensions, that is, adding hair, which can be natural or synthetic hair, are expensive, but synthetic hair is reasonably priced, and it is mounted on your hair that sticks to your hair just above the roots with a special glue. Then, with a clip, these hairs are pressed together and the heat of the tongs melts the glue, and thus the hair is glued, this method is called heat connection, which is the most famous type of extension. There are other ways to attach hair from the roots to your natural hair.

Before the extension

Before doing extensions, be sure to wash your hair with a suitable shampoo to remove any grease and cosmetics from it. To install extensions, the hair must be at least 7 to 10 cm long. The longer the hair, the easier the extension will be to install. However, very short hair can also be extended.

It is better to give a small piece of your hair to your hairdresser before the extension so that he can prepare your hair of the same color.

If your hair is very short, it is recommended not to add more than 40 cm of hair to it. If you add a lot of long hair to the side of your hair, the high pressure due to its weight will cause your natural hair to fall out.

Some people also get headaches due to excessive hair pulling. How long it takes for the hair to fall out of the scalp depends on the growth of your hair. Normally, hair grows 1.5 cm per month and about 15 cm per year; Hair growth rate also decreases with age.

After the extension

After the extension, before washing the hair, comb it well to loosen all the knots. Do not shower your hair once. Pull your head back or split your hair in half and take a gentle shower. Never put your head under the shower or in the toilet when washing unless you just want to wash the front of your hair. Then use enough shampoo, but do not rub your hair and just press it from top to bottom with your hands until it is completely clean. Then take a shower in the same way as before and rinse them thoroughly.

After that, be sure to use hair conditioner, but be careful not to apply the conditioner to the installation site. This causes the extensions to loosen and detach prematurely. After bathing, quickly wrap a towel around your hair to remove excess water weight. Gently push the hair into the towel but do not pull the towel up or down.

Before doing extensions, be sure to wash your hair with a suitable shampoo

Extension repair

If someone tells you that you can keep your hair extensions without care and repair for 6 months, do not believe him! Extended hair needs constant care. It is normal for 1 or 2 extensions to open after a while. Of course, in some people, up to 10 extensions may be missed. To prevent this, you must be very careful. In fact, you should visit your hairdresser once a month to have it repaired. If you take the necessary care, they will last longer and stay more beautiful. Extensions should not be kept for more than 3 months as hair growth after this period will cause the hair to crack and tangle. Detaching the extensions will not cause any pain or stretching. Pain at work is a sign that there is a problem with the way you work. Creatine adhesives are easily removed from the hair with special solvents. Of course, you can also make these ingredients yourself and do it at home. However, it is recommended that you leave this to your hairdresser.

Do not use tufts or other silicone-containing conditioners for added hair. This will separate the hair from its connection.


1 – Comb the hair from bottom to top with a very soft brush.

2 – When sleeping, you should gather your hair above your head. Placing these hairs under the head will cause them to become messy and tangled together.

3 – Excess hair should not be dyed yourself at home.

4 – To avoid tangling the hair, always bring your hand into the fringe of the added hair and pull it down.

5 – Do not use tufts or other silicone-containing conditioners for added hair. This will separate the hair from its connection.

Note, since your natural hair is eventually pulled out, hair extensions can cause your hair to fall out, especially in ways where artificial hair is attached to your natural hair from the roots.

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