Rape and its psychological consequences

What are the consequences and dangerous consequences of sexual assault for raped people and what psychological and social harms does it cause for them?

“Rapture” is a word that has a lot of negative charge. When it comes to “rape” this word gets more negative charge. If you sit at the feet of a person who is a victim of rape or sexual abuse, he considers this to be the most painful experience of his life, as if he is never going to forget it and is always involved with it.
Part of this painful feeling is related to the feeling that this person gets from the society and part of it is the violence that has been applied to the person’s femininity. It may seem impossible to wish for a day when there are no sexual rapists, but getting to know all the problems that these victims suffer and the treatment and preventive solutions are undoubtedly beneficial.
Dr. Ohadi, a psychiatrist, explains about the consequences and treatment methods of this incident.
Short-term effects of rape
Rape usually results in two types of complications, early complications and late complications. One of the most important early complications of rape can be mentioned the state of shock that occurs in a person. He is in a state of extreme distress and confusion. The feeling of being rejected from the community and the thought that he has been humiliated and punished because he did not commit a sin can be aggravated by the inappropriate treatment of emergency medical and paramedical groups and even the police. He has the feeling that maybe the aggressor was encouraged to do this because of his appearance and clothing. In this way, the feeling of torment of one’s conscience multiplies.
How can victims of sexual abuse stay away from injuries after the assault?
One of the most important complications that occurs immediately after a rape incident is the state of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, in such a way that the person flashes back the scenes of sexual assault, re-experiences them and sometimes even finds a strong defensive state. In this situation, he withdraws and wants no one to see him or talk to him, while the activities of his nervous system increase, that is, his response to environmental stimuli such as sound and light increases.
He cannot trust or communicate with anyone. In this case, he may think of suicide and death and wish to die. If the background of mental problems is seen in him, there is a possibility that he will suffer from manic depression or bipolar depression. Auditory and visual illusions, delirium, senseless laughter, irrational anger, etc. are other complications of this incident.

Pessimism towards the opposite sex
A person who has been raped in the long run feels bad about sex and hates it. Sexual pains and hatred of the male sex and cynicism towards the opposite sex are other side effects of rape. She tries to avoid men, even change her phone number or change her commuting route. In the long term, this person’s sexual capabilities are lost, and post-traumatic stress disorder and depression become chronic in him.
Chronic depression can be accompanied by hallucinations and delusions. Physical and pseudo-physical pains increase in this person. In fact, his mental symptoms become physical symptoms. The rape victim constantly thinks that he is to blame for this and blames himself and says “I wish I hadn’t been there or resisted more”.

No concealment
Some rape victims do not talk about this issue, unaware that this concealment makes the complications more severe. Sometimes the helpers and nurses or even the police advise these people not to pursue this problem because they may find trouble, not knowing that the person needs to be treated. This causes the person not to talk about it with anyone, not to express his feelings, his cognitive errors are not corrected in psychotherapy, and he cannot take medication. All this makes the complications deeper and wider and the possibility of suicide and suicide increases.

Group therapy is helpful
If the victim performs psychotherapy sessions and drug therapy well and regularly, it is possible to fully recover. Unfortunately, in our country, there are no group therapy sessions for injured women, while this treatment method is very efficient and can speed up the treatment process. In general, within 8 to 18 months, group therapy has tremendous results.

Do not answer other people’s questions
If someone from around wants to talk about this issue with the rape victim, she should say that she does not want to talk about it. He should be reminded that this is a private matter and if they respect him, they should allow him to talk about it in the therapeutic setting with the therapist. Note that the person’s therapist must be of the same sex as the victim, because if it is the opposite sex, it can be traumatic for the person.
The best thing to do after rape is treatment
Undoubtedly, rape is the worst thing that can happen to a person. It is normal that after this incident, the victim will have various psychological problems, so the first step after rape is to see a psychiatrist and gynecologist. If treatment is not done, this issue can bother a person for years and overshadow his life.

Support families
In this case, family members should help the person who has been sexually assaulted under the guidance of a psychiatrist. At home, they should not talk about this issue at all, but they should try to provide a calm environment for him to enjoy. They should think of entertainments that will separate him from the subject. Families should be careful that the person takes the drugs and at the same time keep them out of his reach so that he does not suddenly overdose.
If the person himself wants to talk to the family, it is better for them to listen to him and make sure that this problem can happen to anyone, he did not play a role in this incident, God’s hand and nature did not intend to punish him, and this is just a It is an accident.
Do not marry soon after rape
A girl who has been sexually assaulted should not think about marriage for at least two to three years.
If a person intends to get married, it is not necessary to raise this issue with his future wife, because there are many times when the husband scolds his wife and accuses her of having a role in this issue. It is even possible that after some time the man becomes jealous and divorces his wife. In our country, some women who are sexually assaulted are later directly or indirectly rejected by their husbands.

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