Rare blood syndrome in the body of these people

Due to a person suffering from some diseases such as thalassemia major or bone marrow failure – in which the increase of iron reserves and its deposition in the organs is caused, sometimes the main cause of the occurrence of the complication of high iron absorption is hereditary.

The presence of more than normal iron in the blood has side effects and can affect the heart and glands, therefore, people who are exposed to this disease should check their iron frequently. Mustafa Ghanei, a lung specialist, said: the disease of increased iron in the blood is a disease. It is rare that we are able to diagnose it through a liver test and then additional tests.

He added: This disease mostly occurs due to genetic problems or repeated blood transfusions.

He added: In the country, the most common form of this problem is seen in thalassemia patients and in people who frequently receive blood in their bodies.

He continued: For this reason, medicine is prescribed for thalassemia patients to remove excess iron from the body of these patients.

He pointed out: This disease is very rare and factors such as high consumption of iron or its injection may lead to its occurrence in very few cases.

30 September 1393 17:35

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