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Some women feel pain when having sex. Today we have training for you that reduces your pain because sex should not cause harassment. First you have to look for why it is, that is, what causes us to have this pain in this Our post has tips for reducing pain for both women and men that are very effective and helpful

Do you feel pain when having sex? If so, then you are probably a woman. However, at the end of the article, we also offer advice for men for whom sexual intercourse is painful.

The feeling of pain during sexual intercourse will destroy the desired pleasure. After all, sex should be a pleasurable experience, not a painful one.

Fortunately, if men spend more time playing and making love to their wives so that the female reproductive system relaxes and the natural lubricant starts working, and if the man and woman use one of the newest sexual lubricants, this problem will be solved. will be.

When to get help?

If this pain only happens to you in one part of your sex life, you can easily ignore it. But if this pain continues, you can not ignore it. You have to do something to improve the situation.

But how? If you know that your family doctor is skilled enough in this area, you can discuss the problem with him, but the fact is that most internal medicine doctors are not trained and skilled enough to deal with such pain.

Unfortunately, family planning clinics are overcrowded and specialists do not have enough time to deal with women who have difficulty having sex.

Another way is to go to a gynecologist and ask him or her to help you solve your problem.

Emotional factor

It is not bad to take a look at this problem and see what can be the cause of painful sex. But it is good to remember that there are always a few emotional elements to such problems.

If you are in pain while having sex, this is definitely something to worry about. This worry and unhappiness completely extinguishes your sexual desire and this issue will cause you to experience more pain next time.

Unfortunately, in most cases, painful intercourse can have devastating emotional effects on a relationship. Sometimes couples even break up because of this problem. Given these other issues, it is clear that you need to find a solution to your problem immediately.

What is the cause?

Various factors can affect the occurrence of painful intercourse, many of which are not very serious. But some of these factors are quite serious.

In fact, this assessment should be done by your doctor, who specializes in genital testing. One of the first things to determine is whether the pain is deep or close to the outside.

The answer to this question may not be so simple. Sometimes the pain is both superficial and deep. But identifying where the pain is coming from can help diagnose the problem.

Vaginal muscle cramps

Vaginal muscle cramps can cause both superficial and deep pain and are one of the most common causes of pain during sex. This is a spasm and muscle cramp in that area of ​​the body that usually occurs for fear of injury.

This cramp is usually so painful that it becomes impossible to keep in touch — sometimes even for years.

Some women who experience vaginal muscle cramps have never been able to have full sex or even use a sanitary pad. These women are even afraid of vaginal tests, which is why they never go to a doctor or specialist for an examination.

Vaginal muscle cramps cause a lot of pain, and women who suffer from it often get very angry at the hands of their husbands, doctors, and even themselves. But this situation is not anyone’s fault.

Common causes of this problem are:

Limited and strict upbringing so that the woman is born to look at sex as ugly.
An education in which a woman is mistakenly believed that the vagina is too tight, which is why sex becomes so painful.
Has been raped or sexually abused in the past. Experiences like this may make a person afraid of sex.
Painful vaginal infections
Discomfort with parents — on an unconscious level.

There is a misconception that women with vaginal cramps generally hate sex and having sex. In fact, many women with this condition are very interested in being close to their husbands.

Many of them enjoy love and play and the caresses of their spouses, and some of them can even reach orgasm in the same way. But as soon as their spouse starts communicating, that pleasure disappears.

Other causes of deep pain during sex

Cervical problem: The penis hits the cervix hard. As a result, infections of the cervix and sensitive areas can cause pain during sexual intercourse.
Uterine problems: Various uterine disorders can cause deep pain during sex.
Intrauterine swelling: This disorder, which is also very common, usually affects the uterus and surrounding tissues. This problem makes these areas very sensitive, especially when it is close to menstruation. The pressure of the penis on the affected area causes severe and deep pain.
Ovarian problems: Ovarian cysts can also cause pain. This pain also occurs if the tip of the penis touches an ovary that is not in its normal position.
Pelvic inflammatory disease: This condition is caused by an infection and has recently become more common due to a virus called chlamydia. If left untreated, the virus is more likely to cause the disease. In this problem, the deep internal tissues become badly inflamed and as a result, the pressure of sexual intercourse leads to pain.
Ectopic pregnancy: Putting pressure on it can be painful.

Other causes of superficial pain during sex

Lack of lubricating fluid: This can be due to stress, interruption of sexual intercourse, body discomfort. Male incompetence in the introduction of sex can also be one of the most common reasons for this problem.
Male Penis Enlargement: Some women complain that their partner’s penis is too large. In fact, when a woman is aroused and comfortable, the vagina opens up to a few centimeters, so every woman should be able to withstand any type of penis.
But if a person is not used to a large penis or has previous problems with urinary tract infections or internal swelling of the uterus, it can cause stress and anxiety during sex.

A new invention can be useful in this case. This invention is like a pillow ring that a man throws at the bottom of his penis. This shortens the length of the penis that enters the weight.

Menopausal or postmenopausal dryness: This is usually due to a decrease in sex hormones in women. Treatment with special pills or hormonal creams usually solves the problem. Conventional sex lubricants can also help.
Vaginal infections: These infections are very common. One type of infection that affects a large number of women is thrush. Blisters or herpes on the weight can also be painful.
Injury: Injury to the vulva or vagina can occur during rape and can later cause problems for the person. The most common types of injuries occur with ruptures during childbirth.
Genital warts: These problems are common in people who are sexually unrestrained. These zebras can usually cause pain, especially if they become infected.
Swelling of the vulva or vulva: The vulva or vulva refers to the opening of the vagina. This problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including the chemicals in body detergents and soaps.
Cloth blood clots: This is a problem with bruising or dead blood that forms on the clitoris, which can be due to excessive wear and tear. This problem usually improves within a few weeks.
Foreign objects in the vagina: The most common of these objects is a piece of cotton swab that is left behind. This usually causes pain, especially if the cotton has caused an infection.
Sensitivity of the external genitalia: This is a very persistent and painful problem in which the external area of ​​the genitals becomes very sensitive and just touching it causes great pain. The cause of this problem is not yet known, but it can usually be treated successfully.
Cancer: Cancer rarely causes pain during sex, but for a woman who has not had such a problem before the age of 40, it can be a warning sign.
Can men also have pain during sex?

Sometimes men also get pain during sex. Common causes of this problem can include skin disorders on the penis such as eczema or psoriasis. It may also be because the female weight for the penis is too small. A good sex psychologist can help.

Common causes of pain in men during sex are:

Thrush, in which case the woman will also suffer from this problem.
A suture left in a woman’s vagina after giving birth.
Audi thread or Audi that is not well inserted in the vagina.
Peyronie’s disease – a male disorder that causes the penis to bend.

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