Read if your skin is flaky

If you are among those who have dry skin and calluses, we have very basic recommendations for you, stay with us

1- Look for cosmetic liquids and creams

If your skin is prone to flaking or dry calluses, use a liquid or oil foundation. If you need more coverage, use a tinted moisturizer that acts like a thin foundation. Therefore, if your skin is dry, you should note that you should not make your tinted moisturizing cream instead of your usual moisturizing cream.

2- Make your lips smooth and polished

Dry and dead skin, or liquid lipstick, cannot retain moisture. Refresh your lips once a week with a homemade solution of sugar and honey. Sugar removes the dead tissues of the skin, while honey also helps the skin of the lips to absorb water. You can also gently hydrate the lips with a wet toothbrush without toothpaste.

3- Choose a right formula for your lips

If your lips dry easily, do not use matte lipsticks or long-lasting lipsticks. Because it makes your lips dry very quickly. Instead, use a liquid lipstick or a thin matte layer that will make your lips look fresher and make you feel fresher.

4- Leave the cosmetic powders aside

No matter what the salespeople tell you, if your skin is prone to dryness and flaking, you should not use powders.

5- Add skin polish to your makeup

If you notice that your makeup is peeling and peeling after two hours, it is because of the excess of dry and dead skin on your face. In this case, use a mild moisturizing cream daily. You need to remove the dead skin layers from the face and then use skin hydrating ingredients under your makeup.

6- Have a skin freshener with you

To help keep your skin moisturized throughout the day, carry a small cosmetic spray with you. Splashing a little water on your face can help moderate dry skin and prevent your makeup from flaking.

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