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What are the risks and side effects of blood clots in the body? What are the recommendations of cardiologists in this field? Can blood clots be treated with some medicines and home nutritional methods? The treatment is that the affected patients are at risk of heart attack and stroke in case of obstruction.

The most important result of eating fatty foods is the blockage of blood vessels, which leads to many physical failures.

Coronary heart disease is a very serious disease that can affect anyone. Knowing the medical warnings and symptoms of this dangerous disease, which causes the death of millions of people every year, is the most important way to prevent this disease.

The heart needs open vessels to pump blood to the body’s organs and deliver oxygen and nutrients. As a result of coronary artery occlusion disease, the body’s vessels are narrowed and blocked, and when this occlusion is complete, cardiac arrest occurs.

The symptoms of this disease are very subtle in the early stages, and when a person performs intense physical activity such as heavy sports or climbing stairs, he suddenly feels a severe pain in his left chest.

The pain usually goes away after a while and with rest. But this important feeling is considered a serious alarm for the possibility of blood clots.

Among the other parts of the body that suffer from coronary artery blockage are the neck, arms, and back.

Shortness of breath is another symptom of blood clots, because the body needs more energy to pump blood.

According to statistics, women suffer from coronary artery blockage and heart attack more often than men, and sometimes this condition has no previous symptoms so that it occurs completely suddenly with cardiac arrest.

Experts recommend that if people have a history of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and fat, overweight, severe stress, or if there are cases of this disease among their family members, they should immediately go to hospital emergency centers. ; Because they may have cardiac arrest and even sudden death at any moment.

Experts name several reasons for the occurrence of this disease, including family history and the presence of genes that cause narrowing and clogging of blood vessels, which are congenital in some people and expose them to a higher risk of heart attack. to give

Menopause in women is another reason for the occurrence of coronary artery congestion and increased heart attack, for this reason, it is recommended that women after menopause must be under the supervision of a cardiologist and pay close attention to their weight and diet.

Smoking, especially cigarettes, is another factor that aggravates heart attacks, and people should avoid smoking in order to maintain their heart health, especially in middle age and old age, and even if they smoke, they should quit smoking at the first time to prevent possible risks. take

Uncontrolled high blood pressure is another reason for the thickening of blood vessels and coronary artery occlusion. People with high blood pressure must be under the supervision of a doctor and use medicine when needed and have a special diet.

High stress not only causes discomfort and anxiety, but also mental and psychological diseases, but it can have destructive effects on the functioning of heart arteries and cause them to become clogged and increase the risk of heart attack.

Type 2 diabetes and overweight also have negative effects on the heart vessels and cause them to harden.

Coronary artery occlusion should be taken seriously because it can cause problems such as shortness of breath, cardiac arrhythmia, heart attack, heart muscle damage, and heart failure.

If surgery is needed, doctors open the arteries with special tools or use other veins of the body as an additional route for blood supply to the heart.

After surgery, a person should pay special attention to his health and, in addition to taking medicines and having a diet, perform medical checkups at regular times.

Source: Mayoclinic

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