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Take with you clothes that have a button or zipper on the front, soft socks and a sweatshirt with a zipper that you can wear if you get cold. Have hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, underwear, soap and shampoo.

Question: What equipment do I need to take to the hospital with me for delivery?

Answer: You should consider Saki for your equipment. Ask your midwife for a list of items you need at the hospital before you get ready.

Prepare the items you need for your comfort during childbirth, such as: a damp sponge for when your mouth is dry and a tissue and toilet paper. You can usually wear any dress you want, but it is better to have a short sleeve or loose-fitting T-shirt.

After the delivery, when you are transferred to the ward, it is better to wear an open pajamas (for breastfeeding). Do not forget the towel dryer, breastfeeding bra and pad for your breasts that do not drip. If you use massage equipment, do not forget to bring special oils and equipment for this purpose.

If you want to film your baby, have a camcorder or camera with you. Mobile phones, coins and calling cards are also required. If your delivery is prolonged, you may need to bring some food and drink for the person who came with you.


Baby supplies

You need to prepare a set of clothes for your baby. The following is a list of essential items for the baby that the baby needs immediately after birth. Of course, you will also provide other items and clothes for her in the coming months at birth.


– Two to three coats of hem and underwear;

– Fingerless gloves (one finger gloves);

Baby blanket;

– Ointment for baby feet such as: zinc sulfate ointment, castor oil, Vaseline;

Disposable diapers and sanitary cotton.

Equipment needed to take the baby home:

Clothes and blankets to take the baby out of the hospital;

Baby basket, stroller or car seat;

A hat.

Delivery room

When you look at the hospital environment from the outside, it may seem like a scary environment, but you will feel more relaxed if you know what each device is for and that it helps your baby be born.

Your pregnancy examination, visit to the hospital and delivery ward may also be included in your schedule. It is good to participate in this visit and get acquainted with the delivery room and the postpartum ward and ask any questions you have in this regard and the hospital staff will explain them to you.

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