Read these simple and important things before removing your eyebrows

Eyebrows have a great effect on the beauty of a special face at first glance, and for this reason, having beautiful eyebrows and their beauty has always been remarkable for women. In other words, eyebrows are considered the frame of the face.

If we skip the basic principles such as careful selection of eyebrow hairdresser, symmetry of eyebrows and proper hygiene device; Observing the following simple and important points will have a significant impact on the beauty and care of the eyebrows.

Before beginning; Covering the eyebrows with a soft, warm cloth for a short time makes it easier to trim the eyebrows.

Start removing the eyebrows from the area between the eyebrows so that the nerve fibers in your face are more prepared to withstand the resulting pain (the skin between the eyebrows is thicker than the upper part of the eyes).

Shave your eyebrows at least one day before the event or party to eliminate redness and inflammation of the skin.

Sequential and daily eyebrow removal and correction is not correct and causes gradual damage to the structure and model of the eyebrow.

Lift the eyebrow in the direction of its growth so that the direction of the root of the eyebrow does not change; So if you have messy eyebrows, from now on, lift them up and to the sides so that the roots gradually find a neat and orderly direction.

Continuous brushing of the eyebrows upwards and to the sides will play a significant role in their natural beauty and tidiness.

Using eyebrow pencil is also useful for shaping it, provided that it is not used too much, because it will cause eyebrows to fall out.

After shaving, apply cold water compresses to soothe, and lightly rub the eyebrow gel with a brush to maintain sleep and eyebrow orientation.

And finally, the model of eyebrow correction and the amount of thickness and removal of the eyebrow tail, should be chosen according to the amount of roundness of the face, skin color and composition of the limbs of the face, and not just fashion!

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