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Good quality sex requires some important points before having it. It is better to avoid some drinks such as alcoholic beverages and do not overeat. Also, avoid negative thoughts. Stop masturbating and do not approach your partner like the previous days. Try to make a change to improve this relationship.

One of the most important signs of a happy and committed couple is having healthy and enjoyable sex for both parties. If you feel that you have lost your desire or this relationship between you and your spouse is not going as you expect, you must avoid the following behaviors.

In order to enjoy a healthy and beautiful relationship, you should avoid certain things before intimacy and do not do these things before sex:

Do not eat too much
Eating too much can make you feel heavy and drowsy, especially if your food contains a lot of carbohydrates like rice. Instead of heavy foods, it is better to eat a little fruit or nuts and a lot of water, which will also increase your energy level.

Do not take mint pills
Although bad breath is one of the worst conditions you can have before sex and eating mint pills can help improve this condition, but using these pills before sex is not very good. The menthol in mint pills lowers testosterone levels in your body, thereby reducing your libido. You can brush your teeth or use mouthwash to get rid of bad breath.

Overcome your pre-relationship stress and anxiety
Excessive stress destroys your sex life. Stress and anxiety can lead to various sexual disorders such as functional anxiety or in some cases erectile dysfunction. If you have a lot of stress to start a relationship in this state, meditate and relax a few minutes before the relationship, or ask your spouse to give you a little massage. Eating more fruits and vegetables can also help improve this condition.

Do not pay too much attention to your body
Seeing photos and videos of superstars and supermodels puts a lot of pressure on people because many people like to look ideal and when they can not make themselves look like that, they will be filled with despair and anxiety. . Before you think about sex, thoughts like “Why isn’t my body better than this?” Or put aside “why my belly is so fat” and just enjoy the moment of being with your partner and do not let negative thoughts destroy your sexual desire.

If your expectations are too high and sex is not met, you are only lowering your self-esteem, which is not good at all, not only for your sex life but for your whole life.

Do not masturbate
Some people masturbate before intercourse in order to think that they have prolonged their relationship or delayed ejaculation! Apart from the fact that this practice is religiously forbidden, it is very likely that it will have the opposite effect and that an erection will not take place properly before or during intercourse.

Do not follow your usual pattern
Lack of creativity and innovation in sex reduces the passion and love that exists between you day by day. When sex becomes a habit or a machine act for you, sexual desire in both of you will gradually decrease. There is no problem; You are a couple and one of the factors that makes couples not think about extramarital affairs is to enjoy the relationship with their spouse as much as they like. To do this, try to use new modes and places, fulfill each other’s fantasies, and try different situations to maintain passion and love between you.

Do not drink alcohol or smoke
Both cigarettes and alcohol have been shown to reduce sexual desire. Smoking makes it harder for blood to flow through the body, because sexual arousal depends on it, and you should avoid it to improve your sex life. Although some people think that alcohol is a stimulant, you should also avoid it because it reduces sexual performance. If you want to eat before intercourse, eat fruits and vegetables that increase fertility.

Do not argue with your spouse
Arguments between couples are common, especially after the first few years of marriage, when the two lose their newness to each other, but these arguments and arguments before sex will make things worse. In other words, if you have an argument, do not think about the relationship under the pretext of reconciliation, because it may seem that both of you have forgotten those arguments, but there may still be a part of it left in your or your spouse’s brain. Lose motivation to make yourself and your spouse happy.

Do not raise your expectations too high
If you are newly married and this is the first time you want to have sex with your spouse, you should give all the time. Different people have different bodies and you should let your knowledge of each other’s bodies gradually.

Avoid energy drinks
Although you may think that drinking an energy drink before sex is a very good idea because it can increase your energy level, but these drinks are full of sugar that only raises your energy level for a short time and then makes you very tired. Will do more than before.

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