Reasons for couples’ lack of interest in sex

Other and very annoying sexual disorders include the reluctance and lack of interest of couples for sex. This issue seems very simple at first glance and can be attributed to the indifference of the parties, but with a deeper look we find that this issue is much more complex than a simple indifference.

It usually seems that this disorder is just an indifference and indifference to sex, but the fact that there is in the end is that this indifference has hidden a “disgust” under it and therefore a It is considered a disorder.
We have heard countless sad stories from men and women who complain that their spouses do not enjoy it at all and cause their spouse anxiety and despair, and are eventually forced to separate and divorce.
Ignorance of sexual relations between you and your spouse can result from disorders such as: fear of intimacy; Anger and… but in most cases arose from mental trauma and emotional trauma; Injuries such as sexual harassment; Incest; Rape or more violent forms of harassment are among them.

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