Reasons for the causes of hair loss

Hair loss is a natural occurrence on a daily basis, but when it is excessive, it can cause anxiety and even in severe cases, it can affect a person’s self-esteem. In this article, we want to acquaint you with the causes of hair loss.

Dr. Sima Rasaei continued by pointing out that hair loss is divided into two categories: scarred and non-scarred: Scarlet hair loss is caused by various skin diseases such as lupus or due to trauma (trauma or injury) due to an accident or burn.

He added: “In this type of hair loss, the hair roots are destroyed and the hair does not grow back, in which case hair transplantation can be used.”

Rasaei continued: In non-scar hair loss, the hair root is not destroyed and grows again with treatment, which is divided into two categories: diffuse and local.

The dermatologist said: “Coin hair loss is a local type that occurs in any part of the hair, sometimes in the eyebrows or eyelashes or parts of the body, hair loss in round and limited areas.” .

He said: “This type of hair loss occurs due to stress and underlying, hereditary problems or people with allergies and eczema, which is the so-called autoimmune state, and hair grows back three to six months later.”

Rasaei added: “But in the most severe case of coin hair loss, all areas of the head are affected and in the more severe case, the entire body hair falls out, which is time consuming and difficult to treat.”

“Malnutrition due to lack of nutrients such as iron, zinc, B vitamins and essential amino acids is effective in this type of hair loss, which consumes vegetables and fruits, legumes and” said the dermatologist. White and red meat play a role in solving this problem.

“Hormonal or glandular disorders, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, are other causes of diffuse hair loss,” he said.

“Polycystic ovary syndrome also plays a role in young women with hair loss, obesity and fertility disorders,” Rasaei said.

The dermatologist continued: Sometimes Diabetes It is a case of diffuse hair loss that occurs after childbirth and begins 2 to 3 months after childbirth and occurs in 60% of women and of course grows again.

He also said: “Also suffering from febrile diseases such as typhoid, a cold Severe, severe stress and shocks such as the death of a loved one, long flight hours, miscarriage and major surgeries lead to temporary hair loss and regrowth on their own.

Rasaei said: dieting and weight loss are also among the causes of hair loss and also stretch hair loss occurs due to tightening of hair in the forehead and temples, which is effective in shortening hair.

The dermatologist pointed out: to treat hair loss, the cause must be discovered, and haircuts in other cases of hair loss, hair loss treatment has no effect.

Source: Khoz News

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