Reasons that cause dissatisfaction in sex

There are many reasons that cause a relationship to go cold. When men and women feel dissatisfied with a sexual relationship, they should think of a solution for it. Because this rarely affects their married life. Women play an important role in achieving sexual satisfaction.

Many women are not interested in making love. What is their psychological problem?

When we talk about psychological causes, we immediately remember thoughts, feelings or emotions that reduce interest in sex. Fear and anger are one of the causes of decreased libido. Some fears such as fear of sexual efficiency, fear of intimacy, fear of sexual excitement. Dissatisfaction with one’s body or mental repression due to bitter childhood experiences are other causes of decreased libido.


The experience of trauma, both mental and physical, may have the greatest impact on sexual desire. Unhealed traumatic experiences, such as losing a partner or being abused in these relationships. Communication problems in the way couples deal with each other is another reason.


These issues can also be added to the above. Maybe the couple has not kept their attractiveness for each other. They should go towards solving this apathy with the changes they make in themselves. The difference in sexual needs and lack of response to the needs of the other party is a matter that the parties should talk about. Lack of dialogue and progress in solving this problem causes doubt to arise on the other side (lady or man). In these cases, couples should not try alone.

Psychological effects of not satisfying a woman sexually


Some unreasonable thoughts also cause rejection of sex, it may cause a great disappointment or anger. Also, decreased interest in sex is a common symptom of various psychiatric syndromes. One of the most common of these syndromes is depression. It also causes men and women to test their libido in different ways.


Women aim for love, intimacy and emotional connection, while men aim for sexual activity. Perhaps other factors, such as the negative impact of desires, such as sexual partner’s mental problems, stress, or problems establishing social relationships, are also involved in rejecting sex.

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