Reasons why hair needs sunscreen

Today, in addition to using sunscreen for the skin, it is recommended to apply sunscreen for the hair as well. Now let’s see why we should do this, we want to tell you its benefits and how to use it.

.If the fountain of youth were a real thing, we bet it could be using sunscreen. While there’s no doubting the importance of sunscreen in your antiaging regimen as well as your overall skin health, does the same apply to your hair?

Scientifically, Julia Tzu, MD and founder of Wall Street Dermatology, says: SPF is not really necessary for the hair shaft, because unlike our skin, hair is not made up of living cells. However, you definitely want to protect your scalp. The

“For the best protection, I recommend wearing a hat,” says Heidi Waldorf, MD, director of laser and esthetics at Mount Sinai Center in New York. Another option is to apply your regular sunscreen from the top to the bottom of your head and around your ears.

You can also use sunscreen stick as it is easy to apply and renew. In terms of beauty, says Waldorf, UV rays affect your hair in different ways, some of which you may like and others you may not. It can have a lightening effect on natural hair (like the highlights you had on your hair as a child).

Color-treated hair can make your hair more pale, and regardless of whether your hair is chemically exposed or not, cautions Edward Tricomi, Master Hairstylist at Warren-Tricomi Salon: Too much sun can leave hair dry and brittle. will do.

Fortunately, many hair care products include UV filters that protect hair while reducing frizz and adding shine. Look for products with moisturizing ingredients like argan, coconut or sunflower seed oil.


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