Recognize high-risk sexual behaviors

One of the most important problems in society is the lack of awareness and correct information of adolescents and young people about right and wrong sexual behaviors. This will cause the young generation of the society to suffer from great mental and physical problems, and on the other hand, this issue will cause great losses both economically and socially for the country.

The most important issue in teaching high-risk behaviors is teaching healthy sexual behaviors.
We must first see what is unhealthy and high-risk sexual behavior?

Unsafe sexual behavior (UnsafeSex)
Any sexual contact in which the person is unaware of their health or that of their sexual partner. The problem arises from the fact that it is not easily possible to be aware of one’s own health or the health of others. for example; About 90% of HIV-positive people are unaware that they are infected. On the other; Negative diagnostic tests at the beginning of HIV infection can not be a reason for a person to be healthy because the results of these tests are usually negative at the beginning of the infection period. So what is the solution?
To be aware of people’s health, one must pay attention to their behaviors. If a person is aware of high-risk behaviors, he or she will be better able to judge his or her health or that of his or her sexual partner. Having high-risk behaviors increases the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

What are high-risk sexual behaviors?
High-risk sensory behaviors include:
• Having multiple sexual partners
• Unusual sexual contact (anal and oral contact)
• Using violence during sexual contact
• Drinking alcohol, drugs or psychedelics before having sex
• Unprotected sex (not using a condom)
Therefore, to prevent HIV and AIDS in society, healthy sexual behaviors should be taught to people, especially adolescents and young people.

Resistance to physical sexual pressure
Parents always advise their children, especially girls, to avoid going to unknown places.
The possibility of rape in these places is very high. Parents and young people should always keep these points in mind.
More than 70,000 rapes were reported in the United States in 1990, according to statistics provided by the U.S. National Criminal Court. This is only 1.5 times the number of rapes committed, which means that in 1990, nearly 350,000 rapes took place in the United States.
Many violent rapes have been committed against college students, only 20% of which have been committed by strangers. Many of these rapes have taken place in appointments.
Every year, thousands and perhaps millions of female students are sexually assaulted by male or female students. Many of these people claim that they have been forced to have sex because of threats and physical pressure from men.
Forced sexual intercourse is a clear example of rape, and girls and women should always exercise caution.
Because sometimes, even though an aggressor is to blame, the victim is not innocent.

Resistance to verbal sexual pressure
Verbal sexual harassment is seduction in order for the opposite sex to accept sexual intercourse, and unfortunately today we see a lot of verbal and physical sexual harassment.

It is very important to pay attention to the following points
1) Avoid talking to strangers and strangers.
2) Avoid going to meetings where morals are not observed.
3) Do not make private appointments with classmates or friends you do not know well.
4) Avoid wearing inappropriate clothing.
5) Always pay attention to the advice of parents and school and university officials.
6) Although sexual intercourse is an important part of life, it is obligatory to observe moral chastity.
The following words may be used to seduce you into having sex:
– If you do not accept. I do not love you anymore
– If you do not accept, I will be friends with someone else
– If you do not accept, you are cold and soulless
– If you do not accept, you must have a defect
And sentences like this that you should not be deceived by such words.

What to do if rape occurs

Rape is when sexual activity takes place without the consent of the person and by force. Note that in case of rape, it is the rapist who is guilty and the person who has been raped is not guilty or guilty, either legally or religiously or socially. Therefore, hiding the issue from health, legal and disciplinary authorities will not be useful except to increase the scope of harm to the person and to continue the offensive crime without arrest and punishment. In case of violation, the following measures should be taken:

1. See a gynecologist or health center as soon as possible to receive medication and become familiar with emergency contraceptive methods. its necessary. In order to prevent some sexually transmitted diseases, the treating physician also prescribes some necessary antibiotics, if necessary, performs hepatitis B vaccination and continues the course of treatment and necessary referrals.

2. Refer to law enforcement centers to file a complaint and provide the necessary information to arrest the rapist

Emergency method of contraception
The most common method of emergency contraception is taking the usual oral contraceptive pills HD, known as “morning-after pills.”

Time and method of consumption

* After intercourse that is likely to get pregnant, 2 HD oral pills with plenty of milk or water should be taken at the first opportunity. It should be noted that the first dose of the pill should be taken when the second dose can be taken 12 hours later. The first dose should not be delayed for no reason, as the effect may decrease over time.

The important point is that if more than 72 hours (3 days) have passed since intercourse, the use of emergency methods is not recommended and in these cases, you should consult a doctor.

Twelve hours after taking the first pill, another 22 HD pills should be taken.

If a person vomits within the first or second time within two hours of taking the pill, they should take 2 more HD pills at the first opportunity. If this happens after taking the pills for the first time, the second pills should still be taken 12 hours after the first dose. Injecting an ampoule of B6 intramuscularly can be effective in reducing nausea. Vomiting does not matter if it occurs more than two hours after taking the pills because the drug has been absorbed.

* The dosage mentioned above is ‌ for HD tablets. If LD tablets are available, you should take 4 tablets at a time (a total of 8 tablets).


This method is used only for emergencies and should not be used continuously as a method of prevention. Instead, after using this method, you should see a doctor or health center and after consultation, choose one of the methods permanently.

side effects

Oral pills, if taken as an emergency, can cause temporary side effects, the most common of which is nausea. Occasionally there may be headache, dizziness, muscle contraction, or softening of the breasts, all of which are transient and usually resolve after 24 hours.

There is no immediate sign after taking the pills that the pills have worked or not, and only menstruation should occur on time or a few days earlier or later. If the onset of menstruation is delayed for more than a week or if there is any other special case, you should see a doctor.

The important thing is that if you have sex again after taking the pills in which there is a possibility of pregnancy, those pills will not prevent you from getting pregnant again.

This method is not 100% effective, but it often prevents pregnancy and in almost 98% of cases it prevents pregnancy. If you use this method several times, its effect will be less and you will be more likely to get pregnant.

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