Recognize the most common symptoms of MS

As time goes by, we are faced with a new generation of treatments and drugs, and we can boldly say that this disease no longer kills patients like the old one.

Dr. Abdolreza Nasser Moghaddasi, a neurologist, says: “MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system and causes many symptoms and complications.” The most common symptoms of this disease are visual disturbances, tingling in the hands, sensory and motor symptoms, balance disorders, cognitive problems and urinary problems, but the type of symptoms depends on the part of the disease. Overshadowed.
He added: “Unfortunately, in recent years, the statistics have increased significantly, the average age of the disease is reported to be about 26 years, and it should also be known that this disease is higher in women than men.” The most common symptom with which you should suspect MS is blurred vision and tingling in the limbs. The age range with the highest prevalence of the disease is between 15 and 50 years.
Regarding the prevalence of MS in young people, Nasser Moghaddasi said: “Different reasons have been raised for this problem. Of course, it goes without saying that this MS disease is facing a high increase all over the world, and the most important reasons that can be named are the causes of change.” In lifestyle, decline Vitamin D., Various infections, smoking and hookah, air pollution and chronic stress.
According to this expert, MS is more common in women and one of the reasons for its prevalence in women is the effect of sex hormones. As mentioned, MS is an autoimmune disease and most autoimmune diseases are more common in women.

A member of the MS Association stated: “Mental illnesses such as depression are the cause of the disease have not yet reached a definite and scientific answer, but it can be said that a person with MS and in addition to depression also aggravates the disease.” He becomes.
He did not consider genetics to be ineffective in this disease and said: “Genetics is involved in all diseases. The same is true for MS, but it can be said that less than 10% of MS may have a genetic origin, this factor is part It does not count as a major factor, so people with MS should not worry about their child developing the disease at all, as there is a 90% chance that their child will not develop the condition.
In response to the question of when patients are attacked, Nasser Moghaddasi said: “The heat, the course of the disease, smoking, high fat consumption, as well as severe stress also cause attacks in patients with MS.”

“The fear of developing MS has increased in the country, and anyone who has symptoms such as tingling, they think they have MS and their life is coming to an end,” the expert told Jam Jam Online. However, such symptoms do not necessarily mean MS, but it is good for people to learn more about the disease and see a doctor to see the symptoms. Also, unfortunately, in our country, MS has been introduced to the people as a hornless giant, and people believe that if they get MS, they will be in a wheelchair and the end of the world. Patients and other people should know that this is not the case at all. It is not true, especially today, when drugs are very advanced and we are facing a new generation of drugs, other patients can easily control the disease and have a normal life like other people. Personally, I see a very good future for this disease, although there is no definitive cure for the disease, but with the increasing progress of drugs, patients no longer go towards disability.
He added: “The important point is that MS phobia Away from the people of the country because this issue causes patients to have serious problems in marriage, work and social life.
A member of the MS Association reminded: “Patients become involved in complications such as blindness and paralysis of the limbs if they are attacked, but it is still necessary to mention that patients should not worry because in such a case, the person will recover with medication.” Of course, some older patients have a series of complications, which unfortunately, in the country, there is no suitable medicine for this group of patients, and it is in such cases that the patient suffers from a disability.

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