Recognize the symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. Early diagnosis of this disease can be of great help to those suffering from it.Studies show that a significant number of breast cancer specimens are diagnosed without the symptoms of abnormal masses. Therefore, knowing the symptoms of breast cancer is essential for every woman.

Researchers at University College London have released preliminary data from a survey of cancer patients in the United Kingdom called NCDA (National Cancer Diagnosis Assessment) reviewed. They focused on the 2010-2009 version of the survey, which included more than 2,300 people with breast cancer.

In their study, they found that while breast masses were usually reported by women to see a doctor, there were 55 other significant symptoms. In total, more than 15% of the samples were identified without a mass inside the breast.

“Our study shows that about one in six women diagnosed with breast cancer had symptoms other than breast mass,” said lead researcher Dr. Monica Koo.

“A group of women with symptoms other than breast mass come to the doctor later,” Koo said. “So women need to know that having a lump in the breast is not the only sign of breast cancer.”

Breast masses were found in 83% of cases. Non-mass symptoms, on the other hand, include nipple disorders (7%), chest pain (6%), back pain (1%), and weight loss (0.3%).

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