Reduce pain and inflammation by consuming this smoothie

Sometimes chronic inflammation and excruciating pain can damage the body’s nervous system and health. In these cases, you can reduce the pain caused by inflammation and disease by drinking smoothies that have health properties and benefits, and the healing process of the disease. Accelerate.

If you change your eating habits and include fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds in your diet, you will be able to reduce inflammation, even permanently.

If you are suffering from chronic inflammation or you want to get rid of some kind of pain and discomfort, you can achieve your goal with a pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory smoothie. This smoothie not only helps fight inflammation, but also increases the body’s energy level. This food contains ingredients that reduce pain and swelling and are involved in nourishing the body’s cells with antioxidants.

According to Leo Lovefruit, chronic inflammation keeps the human immune system active, and this condition can accelerate the rate of aging and other diseases such as psoriasis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes (type 2), Arthritis, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases and digestive disorders lead.

Much of the inflammation in the human body is caused by the consumption of improper food. These foods include low value foods, processed foods, high heat fried foods with vegetable oils, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, refined grains, alcohol, carbonated beverages, animal products, food additives, nitrates Preservatives, pesticides and..

If you change your eating habits and include fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds in your diet, you will be able to reduce inflammation even permanently and you can reverse your current condition. Make, of course, a time-consuming process and you must be patient and steadfast in this path.

You need the following ingredients to make an anti-inflammatory smoothie:

One cup of fresh or frozen organic cherries (anthocyanins in this fruit can be more effective in reducing pain than aspirin)

Two ripe bananas (helps increase energy levels and better digestion)

A cup of leafy vegetables of your choice (very alkaline)

Fresh turmeric root 5 cm long (strong antioxidant, liver detoxifier, and anti-inflammatory)

A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon (rich in antioxidants, helps fight inflammation and free radicals)

A teaspoon of freshly grated ginger (rich in potassium, helps stimulate digestion and bile flow)

A tablespoon of chia seeds pre-soaked in water (rich in omega-3 fatty acids to help protect the body against chronic inflammatory damage)

A cup of coconut water (rich in potassium and magnesium, helps protect the body against degenerative diseases)

Preparation method:

Pour all the ingredients mentioned above in a high speed mixer and continue mixing until well combined and a soft-textured product is formed.

Source / Age of Iran

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