Reducing cravings for sweets using gastric surgery

According to the research of American scientists, gastric surgery in order to eliminate obesity reduces human desire for sweets.

According to the medical magazine of Dr. Salam, quoted by Salamat News, according to the Russian online newspaper Lenta, a group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania College of Medicine, led by Andras Hajnal, tested on laboratory mice the activity level of one hundred and seventy nerve cells responsible for the sense of taste in mice. They measured fat and normal.

According to this report, when some fresh water was poured on the tongue of mice, the nerve cells of obese mice showed more activity compared to the nerve cells of healthy mice.
Then the researchers performed gastric bypass surgery on obese rats, which is considered the most effective method for treating obesity, during which the volume of the stomach is reduced and the small intestine is connected to it. As a result, not only the amount of food that people eat decreases, but the amount of food that reaches the small intestine also decreases.
According to the researchers, after the surgery, the volume of the rats’ stomachs decreased by 20 to 30 percent, which is the same for humans.
Then it was observed that the reaction of the operated mice to fresh water became normal and decreased compared to before because the level of activity of their neurons was the same as that of healthy mice.
In addition, the digestive activity of the rats has become normal after the operation.
According to Andras Hanjal, the results of this research can lead to the development of obesity treatment methods by considering digestive mechanisms that occur in the body after gastric surgery.

June 23, 1391 01:40

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