Reducing the effects of air pollution with milk and pomegranate

Polluted air is a problem that big cities are dealing with today. Particles of carbon monoxide, nitrogen, sulfur, etc. are the components of this polluted air that can enter the lungs or respiratory system. But what can be done to prevent the damage of this polluted air? Things to do?

A superspecialist in allergy and clinical immunology said: People are advised to consume plenty of fluids, milk and pomegranate when air pollution increases to reduce the complications caused by it.
Dr. Maryam Mahlujirad, a specialist in allergy and clinical immunology, in a conversation with Anna regarding the increase in air pollution in Tehran, said: Polluted air contains compounds of carbon monoxide, nitrogen, sulfur, ozone, etc., each of which can have different sizes. Particles with a size of 10 microns easily enter the respiratory system, but particles smaller than 10 microns can enter the lungs.
He added: Particles with a size of 2.5 microns and less easily enter the lungs. Depending on which particles enter the respiratory system and lungs, different symptoms appear in people, but in general, the increase in air pollution and exposure to it causes increased secretion and contraction of lung muscles and the feeling of shortness of breath, coughing, burning and sore throat. It becomes an eye.
Mahlojirad stated that people with asthma and allergies experience exacerbation of symptoms in polluted air, and said: Also, other healthy people also experience symptoms of asthma and allergies due to repeated exposure to polluted air.
This specialist in allergy and clinical immunology emphasized that people are advised to avoid unnecessary traffic in the city in polluted air, and added: If people have to leave their homes, it is recommended to wear a filter mask and to travel Use the subway and take a shower after returning home and wash your skin well and drink plenty of fluids.
He clarified: People who stay at home are also advised to avoid opening windows and doors and prevent the entry of small particles of air pollution into the house.
In the end, Mahlujirad noted: People can consume pomegranate liquids in addition to drinking a lot. This fruit has antioxidants that can partially reduce the effects of air pollution.

Source: Quds Online

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