Relationship between digestive problems and frequent headaches

These days, people’s concerns have caused them to have digestive problems without fear. Do not pay too much attention to your diet. But don’t forget that problems like constipation cause many side effects like frequent headaches. According to a doctor and traditional medicine specialist, if the waste materials left in the intestines are not disposed of in a timely and proper manner, the toxins will go to the brain through the intestines and cause frequent headaches.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Zareian said in an interview with Salamat Online: Those who are constipated and frequently suffer from headaches should try to use suitable laxatives such as soaked figs and sour cream in cold weather and soaked plums and watery fruits in hot weather. have daily bowel movements and avoid eating flatulent, slow-digesting and steamy foods such as onions, garlic and leeks, the smell of which remains in the mouth for a long time, as well as sour foods, milk and buttermilk; In addition, during the headache, they should avoid heavy movements, intercourse with their spouses, intellectual preoccupation and anger.

According to this expert, in order not to have to take a large amount of painkillers in order to reduce the severity of the headache, one of the most effective measures is massaging the hands, feet, neck muscles and soles with relatively hot water.

Pointing out that the massage should be done in such a way that the patient feels pleasant and falls asleep, Dr. Zareian added: add salt, pepper or mustard to the water to increase the effect of the massage.

He added: “The best foot massage is to put the feet in a pan and pour relatively hot water on the knees, and while pouring the water, massage the feet from top to bottom and rub the feet with a bag, so that the skin of the feet Fry a little. At this time, care should be taken not to damage the skin and not to peel. Continue the massage and foot massage until the headache improves or sleep occurs.

This doctor stated: Vomiting and inducing vomiting during a headache is harmful for a person with a headache unless the stomach is full, the main cause of the headache.

Source: Health Online

25 September 1395 16:45

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