Relieve pain caused by kidney stones with this method

We can relieve kidney stone pain with effective and appropriate solutions. This complication causes a lot of pain in the body. We advise people who suffer from this complication to use effective home remedies in this regard. Traditional medicine recommendations in How are they?

kidney stone

Referring to the role of vegetables in the treatment of kidney stones, a nutritionist said: “Consumption of vegetables, calcium, drinking plenty of water, limiting the consumption of animal proteins and mobility are effective in the natural excretion of kidney stones.” He emphasized the consumption of parsley, celery and borage to get rid of kidney stones.

Dr. Zia-ud-Din Mazhari considered drinking a lot of water as one of the important strategies in eliminating kidney stones, especially oxalate type, and said: Patients with kidney stones should drink at least 2 liters with increasing temperature in summer or 3 liters in warm areas with meals. Food and drink water during the day.

Emphasizing on increasing the consumption of vegetables, he noted: In patients with kidney stones that have oxalate stones, rhubarb, spinach, leeks and sweet potatoes, which are rich in oxalate, should not be consumed.

People with kidney stones should avoid rhubarb, spinach, leeks and potatoes. Animal proteins, sodium salts, and snacks such as peanuts should be removed from the diet of people with kidney stones, and the consumption of beverages, citrus juices, and tea should also be minimized.

Dr. Mazhari stated that oxalate stones are the most common types of ageKidney stones The fibers in corn, rice and wheat bran have the lowest amount of oxalate, so more consumption of these substances is recommended.

The faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences reminded: Increasing the amount of mobility and physical activity and avoiding rest and inactivity helps to eliminate kidney stones.

Regarding the role of dietary calcium in the development of kidney stones, he said: “Increasing the amount of calcium is another way of eliminating kidney stones, and eliminating foods containing calcium, including milk, increases the excretion of oxalate and the formation of kidney stones.”
Arbitrary use of drugs is a factor in exacerbating the incidence of kidney stones

Dr. Mazhari, pointing out that the formation of kidney stones depends on several factors, the most important of which are hereditary backgrounds and metabolic disorders, said: infection and self-administration of drugs intensify the formation of stones.

Patients with kidney stones, if they do not suffer from hypothyroidism and iodine deficiency, it is recommended to use horseradish and radish, especially black horseradish, in the form of grated horseradish or horseradish juice that is drunk fasting.
In order to get rid of kidney stones, you can mix horseradish, sorrel and mangosteen and eat it in the morning on an empty stomach.

Drinking plenty of water, even without feeling thirsty and regular daily walks, helps to expel stones. Savory, asparagus and eating vegetables in general are very effective in eliminating kidney stones.
Sorghum is effective in removing kidney stones

Descurainia Sophia is a herbaceous, perennial, herbaceous plant with a height of 12 to one meter that grows along roadsides and non-agricultural and relatively humid places.

Dr. Nasrin Aqel, pharmacognosist and faculty member of Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, stated: This plant is grown in most parts of Iran and the seeds are harvested after the plant bears fruit and generally in August and September.

He added: “Ash plant is a diuretic and is able to eliminate inflammation of the kidneys (pyelonephritis).”

Aqil pointed out that sage removes kidney stones, noting that in order to get rid of kidney stones, you can mix sage, sage and mangosteen and eat it in the morning on an empty stomach.
Consumption of watermelon and cucumber in the treatment of kidney stones

According to Dr. Reza Amerinia, consumption of fresh fruits, potatoes, radishes, legumes, brown rice, barley, corn, sesame, cumin, coriander, fennel, carrot juice, watermelon, cucumber and cherries have an effective role in preventing and treating this disease.

Nutrition and diet therapy consultant also pointed to the effective factors in the incidence of kidney stones, adding: Infections, drugs and genetics are among the factors that are effective in the incidence of kidney stones in a person.

According to Amerinia, tests performed on kidney stones determine what type of stone it is and what nutrients it contains, and the most important Kidney stones It is made of calcium and oxalate, and parathyroid disorders or excessive protein intake increase the excretion of calcium in the urine and increase the risk of kidney stones.

“Based on this, it is recommended to avoid consuming more than 200 to 250 grams of protein such as red meat, fish and chicken per day,” he added.
Sources of oxalate

“Oxalate is a substance found in most proteins and foods such as spinach, rhubarb, beets, chocolate, tea, bran, nuts, almonds and strawberries.”

“Salt, salt and coffee cause the secretion of calcium in the urine and increase the incidence of kidney stones, so calcium should not be restricted in the diet because it increases the production of kidney stones,” Amerinia said.

He also explained the effect of calcium on the formation of kidney stones:

Calcium in the gut combines with oxalate to prevent the absorption of oxalate into the bloodstream, thereby reducing its amount in the urine and reducing the risk of kidney stones.

The nutritionist recommended: Consuming a glass of boiled water every hour will dilute the salts in the urine and expel stones faster and easier in patients with this disease.

“Consumption of magnesium, vitamin B6, herbal remedies such as nettle, Java tea (a type of mint grown and brewed in India) and a vacuum plant (relaxing the urinary tract) are effective in treating this disease,” Ameria said.
Excretion of urinary stones with almond oil

Also, Dr. Seyed Mohammad Masoumi, a member of the faculty of Razi University of Kermanshah, citing the book “Medicinal Plants by Dr. Ali Zargar”, said: Almond oil facilitates the excretion of urinary stones. To do this, you need three tablespoons of a mixture of sweet almonds and Consume walnut oil after each meal with a decoction prepared by boiling 20 grams of licorice and a handful of barley straw in a bowl of water.

He added: by consuming the said items, if kidney stone If it is not large, its excretion is facilitated. Doing so has been reported in the excretion of kidney stones in patients with kidney stones.

This faculty member of Razi University of Kermanshah stated: Sweet almond oil is included in the formula of a number of medicinal and beauty products and has no harm.


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