Removing sagging skin with thread

For the treatment of neck, face and arm sagging for women and men New lifting threads have been invented without the need for surgery or pain. Learn more about this method

A dermatologist said: removing sagging skin through lifting threads will not result in any complications.

According to Dr. Salam medical magazine, Dr. Elaha Behzadfar stated that one of the new methods of removing sagging skin is the use of lifting threads with PDO material, and stated: This method is used to treat sagging of the neck, face, and arms.

Pointing out that aging causes skin sagging in different parts of the body, he added: Through PDO lifting threads, sagging skin can be removed because it is easily absorbed by the skin and does not cause any side effects.

This dermatologist added that these threads are divided into two categories: the barbed model is used for deep sagging of the skin and with more depth and durability, and the simple model is used in places where the skin is less sagging.

Behzadfar pointed out that this method does not cause any pain, side effects, and the injection of the substance does not have any visible effects, and added: using this method does not require much time and it is necessary to leave the desired substance on the skin for one to three months for the skin to feel Stretches and solves the sagging problem.

He continued: The shelf life of this method is 18 months and it can be used several times.

July 28, 2013 17:57

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