Replace Your Pain and Inflammation Medication Forever with this Ginger Turmeric Pumpkin Juice!

Are you dependent on pain and inflammation medication? These drugs do more harm than good to your body, and natural compounds such as those found in this juice have been proven to work just as well, if not better than pain medication itself!

This ginger turmeric pumpkin juice is easy to make, and will leave your body feeling amazing. Plenty of evidence from research has shown that the potency of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects have been equated with that of the popular pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs like Motrin and hydrocortisone (but without the nasty side effects and toxicity of these isolated drugs).

In regards to ginger, studies have found its remarkable ability to halt inflammation for good. In a six-week study, patients with osteoarthritis of the knee received either a placebo or a ginger extract twice daily. At the end of the study, individuals who received the ginger extract had significantly less knee pain on standing when compared to patients receiving a placebo. Only the individuals who stayed on the program for six weeks showed dramatic improvement in knee pain – individuals who ended the program early showed no such effects.

For this recipe, you can juice pumpkin or carrot. They have similar anti-inflammatory qualities, thanks to the chemical compound they both contain – beta-carotene. I also suggest to add coconut milk and black peppercorns, as these maximize the absorption efficiency of turmeric into your bloodstream.

Drink this juice once a day. You should start to notice the effects within a couple days. With some people it takes shorter, and others longer. It is also important to recognize that a poor diet will continue giving you the pain and inflammation that lodges itself in your body. Eating plenty of plant-based foods and getting rid of inflammatory triggers like wheat, dairy, soy, and refined sugar will also help significantly.

Ginger Turmeric Pumpkin Juice Recipe

Ingredients: (1 serving)

– 3 cups freshly peeled pumpkin (or carrot)
– 1 apple
– 3 inches fresh turmeric root
– 3 inches fresh ginger root
– 1 organic lemon (leave peel on if organic, or take peel off if not organic)
– 1/2 cup coconut milk
– 3 black peppercorns


Run the pumpkin (or carrot), apple, turmeric, ginger and lemon through a juicer. Blend together with coconut milk and peppercorns to maximize absorption of turmeric. Alternatively, for this recipe, you could blend all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender, and strain through a nut milk bag. Enjoy!

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