Rheumatic fever and damage to the heart valves

Watch out for purulent sore throats in children as much as you can to prevent it from progressing in the child’s body and treat it with medication and penicillin injections, because the most common cause of heart disorders right now is rheumatic fever, which affects people as children. have been

Dr. Arman Ahmadzadeh, an internal medicine specialist and Romanologist, told the Journalists’ Club: “Following an untreated purulent sore throat, rheumatic fever occurs and it is a type of streptococcal bacteria. In purulent sore throats that are accompanied by fever, a single injection of penicillin is given.” Prevents rheumatic fever This type of purulent sore throat is more common in people over 14 years of age.

Dr. Ahmadzadeh continued: “Rheumatic fever is associated with severe joint pain, but its main target is the heart valves. Currently, the most common cause of heart disorders is rheumatic fever, which people have been affected by as children.”

“Common heart diseases, such as mitral valve dysfunction that lead to heart valve replacement, and mitral valve stenosis are complications of rheumatic fever,” said the rheumatologist.

It is strongly recommended that people take any purulent sore throat seriously and continue to take medication or injectable penicillin until it is completely cured.

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