Rhinoplasty with tampons

Tampons A nose Small dressing And Slim After rhinoplasty to prevent postoperative bleeding, Inside the nose Will be placed.

Rhinoplasty also includes surgery Beauty And also includes surgery Therapeutic Becomes. Every day, many people act for different purposes nose surgery they give.

There are several methods for rhinoplasty that you should be aware of before performing the procedure. One of these actions Rhinoplasty using tampons Is. In the following, we will examine this type of action. With medicine magazine Hello Dr. Be with you.

Rhinoplasty Or rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), for Improve the appearance of the nose It is done in such a way that the appearance of the nose achieves more harmony with other parts of the face and its function is maintained or better than before.

In the past, one of the downsides of rhinoplasty was the depressing healing process. In order to control the side effects of this method, the surgeon uses a well-known method called “Nasal dressing”Used.

The nasal dressing though was unpleasant in appearance but after nose surgery It was considered common, whether the surgery was performed for cosmetic purposes or to improve the function and removal of nasal obstruction, in which case the patient had to cope with a nasal dressing to achieve the desired result.

Some people during use Tampons The nose feels uncomfortable, but not so much that the patient can not stand it, especially when it is supposed to appear after surgery. more beautiful And be more proportionate.

Rhinoplasty with tampons

Reasons for using a nasal tampon

Tampons Among the items required after rhinoplasty is a doctor Intranasal The patient is placed. Use a tampon It is not necessary for all rhinoplasties and the doctor uses tampons in some cases, but of course, there are benefits for the patient.

Surgeons are usually from Tampons Or Special band They are used inside the nose after nasal septum surgery. In this case if the special correction surgeon on Nasal blade If not, there is no need to use a special tampon or bandage.

Benefits of use Nasal tampons Similar to splinting or plastering the nose after Rhinoplasty surgery Done.

Therefore Nasal tampons Can the amount of swelling created in Nasal area And support the septum until it heals. Selection note Tampons Or the splint depends on the surgeon’s preferences and treatment conditions.

  • Apply pressure to the nasal septum to repair bone directly and prevent blood from collecting beneath the skin
  • Maintain pressure on the treated areas to reduce bleeding after surgery
  • Apply proper pressure to the middle blade to keep it in the proper position

In order to achieve these goals, specialists nose surgery They use a special type of bandage inside the nose if needed.

These bands have different appearances and sizes and are usually from Sponge material They are shaped and made with very small holes. In addition, today there are different types تامپون‌ها They can be used according to the surgeon’s experience and expectations after rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty with tampons

Time to remove the nasal tampon

Nasal tampons Or Mesh Twenty-four hours after nose job It comes out of the nose up to seven days later, depending on the surgeon’s opinion in the office. Respected patients are usually afraid of leaving a nasal tampon or mesh. It should be said here that Exit the tampon The nose is not painful at all by an experienced surgeon and do not worry at all.

Necessary measures after removing the tampon

after Pull out the tampon It is necessary to perform nasal cleansing procedures, which should begin one day after removing the tampon. This operation should take up to two months after Remove the tampon Continue and then take other necessary measures.

Nasal cleansing is done twice a day in the first month and once a day in the next month. Then you can slowly relax from Ointment He used “polysporin” or “bacitracin” inside the nose Dry nose Prevents action and speeds up the healing process.

Occasionally there may be some blood clots or Blood Observe dryness when cleaning the nose. This may be a concern for you, but it is normal. If you notice Malodor the door Nose Intensely, clean the inside of the nose 3 to 4 times a day.

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Complications and harms of nasal tampon removal

The most common Complications of nasal tampon removal, Reducing the pressure on the tissue is healing and thus the beginning of bleeding. Nasal tampons Can in those who breathe through Mouth Have problems (like the elderly), cause Lack of oxygen Be updated. In some cases, the possibility of occurrence Infection There is also.

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