Risk of bone tumors lurking in young people

In general, a tumor means the uncontrolled growth of cells in a specific part of the body that are out of the ordinary. In a bone tumor, this disorder occurs in the bone tissue, which will alter the function of this tissue, so the bone tissue will no longer have its former strength. Stay tuned to Dr. Salam.

The secretary of the Iranian Clinical Oncology Association, stating that bone tumors mostly affect people in the second decade of life, said: “Pain, fever and weight loss are among the most common symptoms of bone tumors.”

Hossein Foudazi on Thursday at a one-day seminar on the diagnosis and treatment of bone tumors, added: “Bone tumors are not very common, but because this disease affects most adolescents and young people, it is very important because delay in treatment leads to loss.” The departure of the young and active force will be the future of the country.

He continued: “Osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma are the most common bone tumors in adolescence and youth that can be easily detected even with simple imaging.” Early detection of these tumors prevents the tumor from metastasizing and spreading to other organs and lungs.

“Chondrosarcoma is a rare bone tumor that occurs in middle age,” he said.

Regarding the symptoms of bone tumors in adolescents and young people, Foudazi said: “Pain, mild fever and weight loss are the most common symptoms of bone tumors. As soon as a person sees this, he should see an orthopedic specialist. .

The secretary of the Iranian Clinical Oncology Association said that combining surgery with chemotherapy and radiotherapy is a treatment for bone tumors and added: “The first step is to treat surgery. In the past, the surgeon had to amputate the affected limb to prevent the tumor from spreading. Advances in oncology knowledge, early diagnosis and referral, these malignancies are identified and treated in time, and as a result, in most cases, surgery will not lead to amputation.

“Today, many patients can be treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, so teamwork between orthopedic surgeons and clinical oncologists can lead to a definite recovery,” he said.

Fudazi warned of a delay in the patient’s initial visit, stressing: “If people see a doctor late, the tumor will spread to other bones and lungs, which unfortunately can reduce the patient’s life expectancy.”

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