Risk of skin cancer after kidney transplantation

Lifelong immune treatment is one of the most complex lifestyle changes that patients receive Kidney transplant They face it. The type, severity, and duration of exposure to the “immune system” affect the risk of skin cancer such as melanoma after transplantation.

In this study, Mona Ascha, lead researcher at Cleveland Medical Center in Ohio, and colleagues used the database of a group of kidney transplant recipients from 2004 to 2012. The researchers looked at the prevalence and risk factors for melanoma.

Of the 105,174 patients who received a kidney transplant between 2004 and 2012, 488 (0.4%) developed melanoma skin cancer after a kidney transplant.

Research has shown that most patients with melanoma are male and are, on average, 11 years older than others without melanoma.

Almost all patients with melanoma were white and compared with those without Skin Cancer, Mainly treated with immunosuppressants cyclosporine Or sirolimus Were located.

Researchers are trying to identify high-risk factors in the group of people at risk.

Source: Mehr

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