Risks of delaying menstruation

Menstruation is a normal period in women that occurs due to the destruction of the uterine wall due to the secretion of sex hormones, during which a person is associated with nervous tension and mood swings. Some people delay this period for various reasons due to chemical drugs, which have dangerous consequences for them. Be with Dr. Salam.

How many days is a normal menstrual period?

Dr. Marzieh Sadat Alavi Obstetricians, said: There is no such thing as a uterine cyst, but some people call it an ovarian cyst.. Referring to some gynecological diseases, he said: One of the most important issues for women is the menstrual cycle, which has a cycle of 22 to 38 days And if it takes longer than this, you should see a specialist to diagnose the cause and treatment.

Menstruation occurs between the ages of 12 and 45, and menstruation, along with ovulation, has a set time, although any bleeding outside of this schedule is an abnormal event.. Stress and heavy exercise and weight loss and some diseases and pregnancy and taking some medications can disrupt the normal menstrual period.

One percent of women do not have a normal menstrual period, which is also detectable. The normal menstrual period is two to eight days and sometimes lasts up to 10 days. If this lasts too long, there is definitely a specific cause. Regular menstruation occurs between the ages of 25 and 35. Only 15% of women have a 28-day cycle, although the rate of bleeding varies from woman to woman.

Not every spotting means menstruation and can even occur in children for a variety of reasons, although ovulation disorders also cause bleeding. In children, trauma and the presence of a foreign body or aggression cause bleeding, which is also The doctor’s opinion is recognizable.

One of the most important mistakes women make is delaying menstruation, which thickens the lining of the uterus and causes malignant diseases.. Some women delay menstruation for travel or work, which is not allowed to be repeated for several months. Self-medication and some traditional methods in the treatment of gynecological diseases and the use of unprincipled methods during pregnancy will cause diseases. In this regard, women’s health is very important. We do not have a phenomenon called uterine cysts and cysts occur in the ovaries. In this regard, cysts can be diagnosed with medical equipment.

Around puberty, when menstruation begins, if the bleeding is high, the platelets may be low and require treatment, or they may have a coagulation disorder. He also spoke about taking iron pills during menstruation:Bleeding that leads to anemia requires iron, but in adolescence and youth, bleeding does not usually cause anemia, but iron is sometimes prescribed for women and girls to prevent anemia..

“Women and girls should wear cotton clothes and expose their laundry to the sun, and always keep their clothes dry to avoid women’s diseases,” said the obstetrician and gynecologist. And do not get infections.

One of the important issues of cysts that must be treated. There is no phenomenon called uterine cyst in this regard, but some people consider ovarian cyst as uterine cyst. We need to know that Ovarian cysts can be diagnosed and treated.

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