Salad rich in vitamin C for colds

There are people who suffer from diseases such as colds in different seasons of the year. These people have to take steps to protect their bodies against this disease. If you are tired of eating citrus and their juice, a mixed salad of fruits Introducing to you that it is rich in vitamin C and is useful for colds.

To most of us, salads are a combination of different vegetables, including lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, and the like. This time we will teach you how to prepare a salad that, like regular fruit salads, is not only a mixture of fruits but also a combination of citrus and vegetables such as onions, mint and… that you will see in this recipe. This salad is rich in vitamin C It is very useful for colds.

ingredients :

4 small oranges
2 tangerines
2 onions
A tablespoon of cumin
A teaspoon of black pepper powder
A tablespoon of fresh mint leaves (chopped)
6 tablespoons olive oil
Some fresh mint leaves and some black olives to decorate
A tablespoon of lemon juice
A tablespoon of orange juice

Preparation method:

2- Peel the oranges and tangerines and slice each of them with a serrated knife from a cross with a diameter of half a centimeter; Then peel the onions and chop them in another bowl.

3- Prepare a hollow salad bowl and first put the orange and tangerine slices in the bowl and then pour the onion rings on them. Then add cumin, black pepper, chopped mint and olive oil. Finally, add lemon juice and orange juice and put the salad in the refrigerator for 2 hours. In this way, the taste of the ingredients is well mixed and the salad fits. Just be careful not to take more than this time.

2- After 2 hours, decorate the salad with mint leaves and black olives and drink a diet dinner rich in vitamin C.

Source: Prime News

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