Sandwich paper is a deadly factor for human health!

Fast foods are one of the most popular foods. Doctors constantly recommend that you minimize the consumption of fast foods or even prepare them organically and at home. But this time, the subject of this report is not fast food itself, but fast food paper that can cause human death! Be with Dr. Salam.

According to the latest research by researchers at the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, published in the journal Society of Chemistry, packaging covers used to prevent the spread of oil and sauces in ready-to-eat snacks such as pizza and hamburgers. It is a toxic substance and can cause diseases such as cancer.

The coating that is placed around pizza and hamburgers contains fluoride, which is a very toxic substance and its main use is in Teflon containers to prevent food from sticking to the wall of the container.

Fluoride is also used in firefighting equipment as a thermal insulation and fire retardant coating.

The presence of this substance as a coating that can introduce toxic compounds into food can cause growth retardation in children, fertility problems in men and women, and even cancers.

Experts have obtained these results by examining more than 400 samples of packaging used in restaurants and eateries in the United States, all of which are used to package fast foods, especially pizza, hamburgers, cookies and apples. Fried ground paper and cardboard containing fluoride were used.

Accordingly, experts advise people to avoid fast food as much as possible, and if they want to eat hamburgers and pizza, make it at home and never use chemical coatings to package their fast foods. .

Also, buy restaurants outside the home that use at least wax paper or aluminum foil to pack food.

Source: Menshealth

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