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Semno is made from wheat germ. This food is very hairy and full of properties. You can get acquainted with the nutritional value and calories of this food. Breastfeeding women and children should consume more of this delicious food. You will get to know Semno burning calories.

Semno is a symbol of patience, resistance and strength.

This fruit is a medicine for longevity and calming the nerves and is a laxative; Therefore, it is very useful for both breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women because it is nutritious.

Although semno is high in protein and low in fat, most of the product is made up of carbohydrates (sugars). Of course, its sugar is less sweet than sucrose, but this is not a reason for people to consume too much. This sugar produces energy in the body and its excess causes obesity and is limited for people with diabetes and high blood fats.

Semno contains vitamins K, E, A and B group of vitamins and other important substances such as: phosphorus, chromium, zinc, selenium, iron and copper.
Semno is made from fresh wheat germ extract and whole wheat flour. Semno is delicious and sweet, while no sweetener is added to it. The sweetness is due to the combination of wheat germ extract with wholemeal flour, which gives it a sweet taste. The substances and vitamins in wheat and its sprouts have a lot of nutritional value.

Semno is nutritious and energizing and is especially useful for bodybuilding athletes.

In this article, we will examine the calories of this valuable food:

The amount of calories per 1 glass of semno is 180 kcal of energy

Walking rate to burn the energy of this food = 1 hour, 3 minutes and 32 seconds

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