Sensitivity to hair loss makes it worse

It has long been said that anything you are afraid of comes to you. This sentence is absolutely true and everyone has seen the effect of this sentence many times. Regarding hair loss, this sentence is also effective and people who are afraid of losing their hair will lose their hair. It becomes more intense. Using different shampoos can have a great effect on worsening hair loss.

Research by scientists at Harvard University has shown that hypersensitivity does not prevent hair loss, but rather increases its severity and causes other diseases for people.

People are sensitive to their hair and buying shampoos and lotions for better hair care will lead to baldness.

Researchers have shown that the many chemicals used in this type of health product have irreversible consequences for the hair and skin. The healthiest ones, which usually have a higher percentage of chemicals, are the most destructive.

People who take hygiene products to wash their hair with them, even when traveling abroad, do more harm to their health than others.

Researchers believe that if we do not consider hair detergents, direct contact of water with the hair on the scalp will double the health of the hair. Water free radicals have a long-term negative effect on people who take daily showers, leading to hair loss, weakening of the roots, thinning of the stem and loss of natural hair nutrients.

The more you shower, the more damage you do to the outer layer of the skin. As a result of frequent bathing, your skin has less opportunity to repair itself due to the production of natural fat.

Consumption of fish, dairy products, meat products, avoidance of stress and anger can be a good guarantee for the health of your hair.

Source: Iran Wage

Source: Fars

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